The Walking Dead - Recap

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Elena is training with Stefan. She asks where Katherine is and he tells her that she should have focused on love rather than killing Katherine. Stefan says that she doesn’t want to really kill Katherine, but Elena says that she does. Matt is working at the bar. Rebekah asks Matt why he isn’t happy about showing everyone that he is graduating. Matt says that he doesn’t have a lot of family and that he is not holding his breathe that his mother will show up. Rebekah agrees and says that her mother never wanted her to graduate anyways. Caroline meets with Elena and Elena tells her that no one cares that she is graduating and so why should she. Elena asks where Katherine and grabs her hand. She tells her that she has to tell her, but Caroline doesn’t know.

In a forest, Katherine asks Bonnie why they are there and Bonnie says that she wants to get into contact with Katsia so that she can make Katherine truly immortal. Bonnie says that she needs asks Katsia how she can bring Silas down. Katherine thinks that she will leave, thinking that Bonnie is crazy, but Bonnie has linked them together. Bonnie asks for the tombstone. Stefan gets to the hospital and meets Damon. Stefan accuses him for slacking off. Sheriff Forbes goes up to them and says that they had vampires attack the residents of the hospital. They walk in to see one of them and Stefan and Damon feel that Silas is planning to do something big. Damon says that Silas wants to have the veil to the supernatural world lifted so that he can take the cure and die. Back in the forest, Bonnie and Katherine make their way to the site where the 12 hybrids were killed. Bonnie starts to use Expression.

Mystic Falls starts to feel the effects of the Expression and at the bar, Caroline says that someone needs to do something about Elena. Rebekah goes up to her and asks her what the deal is. Elena says that she wants to kill Katherine. Elena doesn’t care to talk to Rebekah and says that they are not friends. Caroline asks if Elena meant what she said when she called Caroline a repulsive monster. Elena isn’t going to apologize because she doesn’t handle emotion well. The storm gets worse. The lights where Katherine and Bonnie are at go out and Bonnie says that she just lit the last hot spot. She tells Katherine that it is time to lift the veil. Sheriff Forbes tells Stefan that there are places where the power outages originated and Stefan realizes that they are the places where the Silas Massacres happened and that Bonnie must have started the spell. Sheriff Forbes says that Bonnie and Elena are together, but Damon realizes that Katherine is with Bonnie.

Elena, Stefan and Damon arrive at the school and Elena asks Damon where Katherine is. Damon says that she is with Bonnie, so they have to find them. Stefan asks Caroline if she found anything. She says that she hasn't and says that Bonnie and Katherine should be there. They hear a noise, but find nothing. Stefan realizes that they are above where Bonnie and Katherine are. Bonnie and Katherine get to the center of the triangle and Bonnie asks for the tombstone. Damon tells Elena that she can’t go with him because she might not be able to handle the emotion after killing Katherine. She tells him that she will be normal after that. However, Damon doesn’t buy it. Elena stabs him. Bonnie lifts the veil within the triangle.

Damon is trying to get the stake out of him when Alaric comes up. Damon doesn’t believe that he is who he says he is. Alaric shows Damon that he is Alaric when he opens a locker and gives Damon the vodka inside. Alaric tells him that the veil is lifted within the triangle. Damon is worried about the supernatural beings with enemies. At the bar, Rebekah is trying to get cozy with Matt when Kol comes in. She tells him that she thought that she would never see him again. Kol says that he has to kill Elena. Rebekah tells him that they don’t know where Elena is. Kol throws a piece of the broken beer bottle into Matt’s shoulder and leaves.

In the cave, Katherine hears someone and Bonnie allows her to investigate. Thinking it is Silas, Katherine finds out that it is Elena instead. Elena stabs Katherine and Bonnie screams out in pain. Elena continues to hurt Katherine and Bonnie is affected because they are linked. Stefan and Caroline find Bonnie and she tells them to find Katherine. Caroline tells Bonnie to unlink herself from Katherine. Before Elena can kill Katherine, Stefan stops her. At the bar, Rebekah tells Matt that she can heal Matt. He tells her that there is a First Aid Kit. Rebekah finds it, but she also finds Caroline cutting herself.

In the cave, Bonnie sees Caroline and tells her that she is waiting for Katsia, but it turns out, that it is really Silas. He tells her that he can get into her head despite what he told her before. Silas tells her that she cannot lie to him. Stefan tells Elena that Bonnie and Katherine are linked. He tells her that killing Katherine will not fix things. Stefan tells her that she has to face her fear and that he can help. Elena says that she can hate two people and that she doesn't want Stefan's help. She punches him and says that she felt no emotion from that. At the bar, Rebekah tries to get Caroline to snap out of it. Damon tells Alaric to call Stefan and tell him to keep an eye on Elena. Rebekah tells Caroline that she is going to graduate. This doesn't have any affect, so Rebekah smacks her. Caroline snaps out of it.

In the cave, Silas tells Bonnie that he just wants to pass on. He says that Katsia is not coming. Damon calls out to Bonnie and Silas transforms into Alaric. She tells him that she won’t let him hurt anyone, but Silas takes her air away, just enough to still be able to breathe. Elena goes to Jeremy’s grave and gets emotional. She says that she can’t move on. Kol walks up to Elena and says that it is a pity about her brother. In the cave, Bonnie struggles when her grandmother appears. She tells Bonnie that this isn’t real and tells her to breathe. Bonnie realizes that she can breathe and hugs her grandma. She tells her that she is sorry because she can’t stop Silas. Her grandma says that she can do anything with Expression.

Alaric goes up to Damon and asks if he found Silas. Damon hits Alaric, who is really Silas, and wraps a chain around Silas’s neck. Bonnie turns Silas into stone and his true form is showing. However, before Damon could see who that is, Silas covers his face and is completely turned into stone. Kol continues to beat up Elena and tells her that he is going to kill her. She tells him that she will be doing her a favor. However, before he can, Jeremy shoots a stake at him, which Kol catches. Stefan comes up behind and snaps Kol’s neck. Jeremy goes up to Elena and she hugs him.

Bonnie asks what they do with Silas and Stefan says that they need to dump his body in the ocean. Elena goes up to Bonnie and apologizes. She tells him hat she wasn’t herself. Elena tries to apologize to Stefan, but he knows that she is sorry. Damon tells her to say goodbye to Jeremy properly. Stefan gets to the bar and tells Caroline that he was hoping to see someone. Lexie comes up behind him and Stefan is happy to see her. Damon and Alaric get Silas in the trunk and Alaric says that it is good to spend the last of his time with Damon. Alaric gives Damon the cure that was in Silas’s pocket. Damon doesn’t know what to do with it and Alaric tells him to get the girl. Stefan and Lexie walk and Stefan says that he missed her. In the cave, Bonnie tells her grandma that she wants to bring Jeremy back from the dead. Bonnie overdoes it and collapses. Rebekah and Matt leave the bar and Rebekah sees Alexander, the vampire hunter. She turns around and Galen and Connor are standing there. Back in the cave, Bonnie gets up, but realizes that she overdid it and sees that she is now dead.