Internal Audit - Recap

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Watson finds Bell back at work in the station. He has to write left handed and is happy to have computers. The doctors still aren't sure if he'll regain use of his arm again. She asks if he needs to talk to someone but he doesn't feel like talking at all.

Sherlock practices breaking into a car while Alfredo Llamosa watches. He can't get in and Alfredo suggests that he has too much on his mind. Sherlock insists that he did everything correctly in the case that injured Bell but he still can't stop thinking about it. Alfredo is Sherlock's sponsor and says tomorrow they will go to a meeting.

Donald Hauser watches a news report about himself. It features the charges that he faces for running a ponzi scheme. He takes out his gun and points it into his mouth. As he is about to shoot himself he is shot in the leg by an intruder. He says what's done is done and the intruder states that's what he wants to talk about. The next day a woman enters his house and finds him dead and tied to a chair. The word 'thief' is written on the wall in blood.

Toby debriefs Sherlock and Watson at the scene of Donald's death. His personal chef, Chloe Butler, is the one who found him. Toby introduces her to Watson while Sherlock inspects the body. Sherlock finds that Donald was going to commit suicide when he was murdered. He thinks Donald drank expensive liquor while he watched a news report about himself. He suspects the murderer who is someone who lost money in Donald's scheme.

Back at their apartment, Watson tells Sherlock that there are over 1,000 people who lost money because of Donald. Sherlock wants to start with Butler because of how nervous she looked. Her alibi also isn't that good. Sherlock asks how Bell is doing and Watson says he's at a desk now. She leaves to go run some errands for Bell. She actually shows up at Butler's house. The two know each other because Butler is a former client of Watson's. She doesn't like to talk about that part of her life so pretended not to know her. Watson asks if she can reveal their relationship to Sherlock since he thought she was hiding something. She agrees to this since Watson trusts Sherlock.

At the station, Sherlock grabs a coffee and looks over at Bell across the room. Watson arrives and explains her relationship with Butler to Sherlock. Her alibi is that she was with her sponsor. Butler suggests that Jacob Weiss may have been the last person to see Donald.

Sherlock and Watson meet with Jacob who explains that he left Donald's and had a meeting with a Swiss banker. Donald handled Jacob's charity business and donated his services free of charge. He never lost them any money though. Jacob suggests that Donald helped him as a way to balance his bad work. On their way out, Sherlock receives a call from Detective Luntz who asks about the voice mail that he left for a reporter named Nunez. Luntz asks Sherlock to come to her apartment immediately.

At Nunez apartment, Sherlock points out that she was murdered by the same man who killed Donald. Watson isn't sure why the killer would take out the man behind the ponzi scheme and also the woman who exposed him. Sherlock inspects the front door and finds that the killer kicked the door open. He tastes the footprint and finds sap from a specific tree. Outside, Sherlock finds a nearby park that the murderer must have walked through to go to her house. He sees nearby skateboarders and hopes that they have recorded the man walk by. Watson agrees to talk to the skateboarders while Sherlock meets with Alfredo.

When Sherlock arrives at Alfredo's he meets Randy. Alfredo suggests that Sherlock sponsor Randy, who is three months sober. Sherlock isn't interested at first but Alfredo convinces him that this is the best thing for him. He can't help Bell so he can help Randy instead. Watson texts Sherlock to meet him at their apartment. She didn't learn anything from the skateboarders but she thinks that Sherlock would make a great sponsor. Watson spots a man she knows in the footage that the skateboarders gave her. She met him at Butler's apartment one night.

Watson shows Butler the photo of the man seen near Nunez's apartment and identifies him as Nelson Maddox. Watson was there one night when he came over. They used to be together and Donald introduced them. He was a drug dealer and he got mad when Butler broke up with him. Nelson was a business client of Donald's. Butler warns Watson that she can't tell anyone how she recognized Nelson because it could mean that Butler would lose her custody battle. She asks Watson to connect Nelson to Donald in another way.

Sherlock doesn't understand why Butler wants to keep her history secret. He isn't happy because this could allow Nelson to cover up his tracks and disappear. Watson says that they have no idea what would happen to Butler if they drag her into the investigation.

Alfredo wakes up and finds Sherlock in his garage. He's there because he wants to discuss sponsoring Randy. Alfredo asks if he's ready to give something back after being selfish for so long and Sherlock thinks it over. He returns home to find Watson hard at work. She can't find a link between Nelson and Donald. Watson told Toby to put the photo of Nelson on the news so that someone will identify him without bringing Butler into it.

Watson and Sherlock visit Jacob, who recognizes Nelson. Donald introduced them and Jacob thought he was an artist. Nelson's name doesn't show up on Donald's client list and the only connection is an art gallery where she suspects he was a silent partner. They visit the art gallery but one of the employees, Fabiana, doesn't recognize Nelson. Watson suspects that Fabiana actually does know Nelson. Sherlock spots a mark on the floor that looks like someone was dragged through the back. They follow the trail and make their way to a dumpster. Sherlock opens it and finds Nelson's body inside.

Toby informs the team that Nelson's car was found up the street with the gun and rope used to kill Donald and Nunez. Fabiana has admitted that Nelson was a silent partner and that his main line of work was a drug dealer for rich people. Toby understands why Nelson would kill Donald but doesn't know why he targeted Nunez and took her laptop. Watson believes that Nunez discovered something about Nelson. Sherlock agrees that Nunez knew something more about the gallery. He points out dots near pieces that make it look like business is being done here. He thinks the gallery is front for something else and asks Fabiana to show him the books.

Toby, Sherlock and Watson visit Jacob once again and confronts about his embezzlement of funds. Sherlock has a list of people that bought artwork that were also listed as people Jacob helped. He suggests that Donald shared the truth with Nunez before he died. Watson believes that Jacob learned all of this a few days ago at a dinner with Donald. Toby says none of the people that Jacob claims to have helped have received money from him.

Bell enters Toby's office but finds Deputy Commissioner Frank Da Silva there instead. Frank runs a surveillance unit and has heard that Bell is a great detective who may be stuck with a desk job for a long time. He offers him an alternative and a job working in his unit.

Randy arrives at Sherlock's apartment and Sherlock tells him he wants to be his sponsor. He outlines his terms and says he will only ever be his sponsor. Randy finds the terms acceptable and takes Sherlock on as his sponsor.