Elementary brings us a modern-day Sherlock Holme's played by Johnny Lee Miller, and his partner Joan Watson played by Lucy Liu. Things are different around the turn of this century, and those details are not lost on Sherlock who's over-stimulation led him into a stint in an American rehab facility. Having decided that work is his best chance to stay grounded he's decided to work for the NYPD where an old contact from Scotland Yard, Captain Thomas "Tommy" Gregson, has agreed to bring him in as a consultant. Watson's appointed role in his life, as a Sober companion, is one that Sherlock fights until he realizes that Watson's usefulness goes beyond his father's wishes. She accompanies him, with or without his consent, around New York assisting him on many different types of cases, and to get through his daily life.

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Next: 4x16 -- Hounded (Mar/10/2016)

Holmes and Watson take a look into the death of a wealthy businessman who a witness insists was chased down by a huge, glowing animal.

Prev: 4x15 -- Up to Heaven and Down to Hell (Mar/03/2016)

After Watson bumps into Gregson and his girlfriend, she manages to cause problems in their relationship. A woman who has left her estate to a beloved dog is killed.

Available Episodes

A Controlled Descent
May 14, 2015
Season 3 episode 24

May 07, 2015
Season 3 episode 23

The Best Way Out Is ..
Apr 30, 2015
Season 3 episode 22

Under My Skin
Apr 23, 2015
Season 3 episode 21

A Stitch in Time
Apr 16, 2015
Season 3 episode 20

One Watson, One Holm..
Apr 09, 2015
Season 3 episode 19

The View From Olympu..
Apr 02, 2015
Season 3 episode 18

Jonny Lee MillerJonny Lee Miller
As Sherlock Holmes
Lucy LiuLucy Liu
As Dr. Joan Watson
Jon Michael HillJon Michael Hill
As Detective Marcus Bell
Aidan QuinnAidan Quinn
As Capt. Thomas "Tommy" Gregson


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Bloody Brilliant!!Rating: 4 likes, 1 dislikes

Elementary is definitely one of my favorite new shows! I'll admit, I'm biased, having already been fans of both the talented Jonny Lee Miller ("Hackers" and "Trainspotting") and the beautiful Lucy Liu ("Ally McBeal", "Kill Bill") for a long time. Still, I wasn't sure if yet another Sherlock Holmes remake would work, especially after the BBC's new version has done so well across the pond. But, I am very pleased to report, America's newest Sherlock is nothing short of Bloody Brilliant! Read more

Review posted on Wednesday, March 6th 2013 at 2:43 am


Reviews: 2
WatsonRating: 1 likes, 1 dislikes

Why have the writers chosen to make Wtson such a frakin bitch this season 3? She is a MAJOR turnoff for me now...perhaps Lucy wanted to play a horrible person? I don't get it! I don't care what "wrongs" she perceives Sherlock did...she knew how he was and she stayed around - so wtf? Knock it off writers...bring her back to at least a semi-likeable person...this show is too good to have that nonsense! Read more

Review posted on Friday, December 19th 2014 at 4:47 am

2 reviews available
2x15: Corpse de Ballet recap: In the kitchen, Watson greets a woman as she leaves Sherlock's room. After she's gone, Watson makes a note to Sherlock about all of the woman he has slept with recently. He feels judged but Watson assures him that wasn't her intention... read more.

2x14: Dead Clade Walking recap: Sherlock receives a text from Randy, stating that he feels like getting high. He goes to leave but finds a woman other than Watson in the living room. The woman, Gay, is a geology major from the university and she's there to help Watson with a case. Watson may have found a breakthrough in one of Sherlock's old cases involving Doug Newburg. She needs Gay's help identifying a rock in a wall in one of Sherlock's photos from the case. The wall and rock were in Doug's backyard. They leave to investigate and Watson reminds Sherlock of Randy... read more.

2x13: All In The Family recap: Sherlock and Watson question a man, Riley, about robbing an art gallery while working security there. They are dressed in formal attire because they have just come from the gala where Riley was seen giving a signal to his partner. Riley takes off his prosthetic leg and Sherlock finds the hidden compartment on it. Detective Nash tells them to leave so that he can handle the case himself. They meet Toby outside and Sherlock complains about Nash. He suggests Toby take on more cases so that they can work with him rather than Nash... read more.

2x12: The Diabolical Kind recap: Watson prepares for a date while Sherlock wears a beekeeper outfit. He goes to the roof and tends to his bees. Hidden in the bee hive are a bundle of letters from Moriarty. Back inside he writes a letter to her. He mentions how Watson seems to be less content every time she returns from a date. Sherlock tries to keep himself above matters of the heart because he has seen it corrode others. Bell is shown trying to hold a gun steady at the gun range. Sherlock mentions that for him and Moriarty the world always presents the next diversion to distract them from problems they don't understand... read more.

2x11: Internal Audit recap: Watson finds Bell back at work in the station. He has to write left handed and is happy to have computers. The doctors still aren't sure if he'll regain use of his arm again. She asks if he needs to talk to someone but he doesn't feel like talking at all... read more.
Recurring Guests

Ophelia Lovibond as Kitty Winters (7 eps)
Rhys Ifans as Mycroft Holmes (7 eps)
Jordan Gelber as Dr. Eugene Hawes (4 eps)
Ken Marks as Moderator (4 eps)
Ato Essandoh as Alfredo Llamosa (4 eps)
Kristine Johnson as TV Reporter (4 eps)
Natalie Dormer as Irene Adler (4 eps)
Linda Emond as Dr. Candace Reed (3 eps)
Sean Pertwee as Inspector Gareth Lestrade (3 eps)
Raza Jaffrey as Andrew Paek (3 eps)

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Classification: Scripted
Genre: Crime | Drama | Mystery
Status: Returning Series
Network: CBS ( USA)
Airs: Thursdays at 10:00 pm
Runtime: 60 Minutes
Premiere: September 27, 2012
• Holmes NYC (Used In Finland)
• Jak prosté (Used In Czech Republic)
• Sherlock és Watson (Used In Hungary)
• Елементарно (Used In Ukraine)
• Элементарно (Used In Russia)
• אלמנטרי (Used In Israel)
• エレメンタリー ホームズ&ワトソン in NY (Used In Japan)
• 基本演绎法 (Used In China)
• 엘리멘트리 (Used In South Korea)
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