The Diabolical Kind - Recap

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Watson prepares for a date while Sherlock wears a beekeeper outfit. He goes to the roof and tends to his bees. Hidden in the bee hive are a bundle of letters from Moriarty. Back inside he writes a letter to her. He mentions how Watson seems to be less content every time she returns from a date. Sherlock tries to keep himself above matters of the heart because he has seen it corrode others. Bell is shown trying to hold a gun steady at the gun range. Sherlock mentions that for him and Moriarty the world always presents the next diversion to distract them from problems they don't understand.

A team of criminals scouts out and enters a building. They shoot a man on the stairs with a silencer and drag his body away. One man approaches a young girl's bed and says that name Kayden, before putting a bag over her head.

At the scene of the crime, Toby informs Sherlock and Watson about the incident. Max Fuller, a British national, was murdered and his child Kayden was kidnapped. The phone rings and Toby hands the phone to Allison Fuller. The caller knows that police are there and says the price to return Kayden is $50,000,000. Sherlock recognizes the voice as Moriarty, at least the voice that pretended to be Moriarty. Watson agrees that it sounds like him and Sherlock informs Toby. Sherlock asks to speak with the real Moriarty because he believes she is connected. Toby isn't sure he will be able to get in to the prison to see her but Sherlock knows he's on her list of allowed visitors.

Back at his apartment, Sherlock shows Watson the letters he has received from Moriarty. He started responding to her letters after she threatened to stop the correspondence after her fifth unreturned letter. Toby calls Sherlock and says they can meet Moriarty tomorrow morning.

The team meets at an abandoned building that Toby says belongs to the FBI. They meet Ramses Mattoo who gives them a tour. They only have one guest right now, Moriarty. Sherlock deducts that Ramses was chosen to be her guard because he can resist her seductions since he's gay. Before they enter, Ramses remarks that Moriarty's painting is remarkable in its likeness to Watson. Inside, Moriarty sits on a couch reading the paper while two guards watch from the corners. She admits that she doesn't know the reason for their visit and Toby reveals that it happened to late to make the paper. He explains Kayden's abduction and the murder of Max Fuller. Moriarty claims she's not involved and offers to say the name of the man behind the Moriarty voice. She wants a few favors in return from her captors.

One of Kayden's kidnappers promises her that she'll be back with her parents soon. He offers to play cribbage to get to know her better. There's a knock at the door and the kidnapper talks to one of his men. He says the men are getting jumpy and want reassurance.

Back at the station, Watson asks Sherlock how he feels after seeing Moriarty again. Their conversation is interrupted when Ramses walks in with Moriarty and some agents behind him. He's there to see Toby. Moriarty has offered to help the police with the abduction case. She knows the NYPD relies on consultants and that she'll be working with Sherlock.

In Toby's office, Ramses guarantees that there is no way Moriarty could escape or try to pull anything. Sherlock doesn't think it's a good idea because he believes her to be in alliance with the kidnappers. Ramses states that she has cashed in some big chips to work with the police.

In a meeting with the police, Moriarty reveals the man behind the voice to be Devon Gaspar. Every cop in the city and agent in the FBI will be given this information. Sherlock thinks that Moriarty can be brought back to her holding building but she wants to visit the crime scene. Ramses has already promised her this so they go there with Watson.

At the scene, Moriarty admits that she has been thinking about Watson. She feels that she was wrong about her initial impressions and believes that Watson craves acknowledgment from superior minds. Watson says that it was Sherlock's idea to work together. Moriarty admits that part of why she was writing Sherlock was so that she could figure him out. Watson believes that Moriarty is in love with Sherlock but can't be sure. Moriarty admits that she shares correspondence with Sherlock because they are the only ones who understand each other.

Watson returns home to find Sherlock yelling in French on the phone. It was an old friend from Interpol. No one has been able to confirm the names that Moriarty gave them and he believes that she's just buying time to make an escape. Sherlock asks if Watson had a conversation with Moriarty at the crime scene. Watson admits to understanding why he writes her but warns that he will get hurt. Moriarty will never change who she is.

A police officer looks over the BOLO, with sketches of the men Moriarty named, before responding to a call of a suspicious man wearing a sweater. The officers approach the man, carrying a bottle of liquor, but he quickly turns around and shoots one of the officers. Gaspar shoots the other one at the same time. He picks up an officers phone and sees the sketch of himself. One of the officers, only wounded, shoots the accomplice but is shot by Gaspar before he can take down both men. Gaspar runs away from the scene.

In the morgue, Sherlock and Watson examine the accomplice's body when Toby states that it looks like one of the sketches of the men. Toby doesn't understand why the abductors wouldn't just lie low. Sherlock asks to see Toby's phone and states that the men ambushed police so that they could see Moriarty's sketches.

Sherlock returns to the police station and accuses Moriarty of hiding information in the sketches she made. She denies this but Sherlock points out a message that he has found. He asks her to save them both the time and reveal the message and the locations of her henchman. Toby interrupts and tells Sherlock that Gaspar is on the line. Gaspar says the violence was necessary because they know Moriarty is at the station. Toby just wants Kayden returned and Gaspar asks that there be no hidden surprises tomorrow. Sherlock says that no matter what was promised to Moriarty, her time as a consultant is over.

Back at the apartment, Sherlock finds that all Moriarty was passing on was numbers. He checks them as GPS co-ordinates and traces it to Norway. Sherlock looks out the window because he's waiting for a paper boy to deliver the papers that Moriarty has also read. He thinks that Gaspar was passing her notes through the use of ads. Watson points out that Moriarty looked angry when Gaspar put Kayden on the phone. Sherlock admits that Watson was right about his feelings for Moriarty. He hoped that she could also change his ways much like he did.

Ramses enters Moriarty's cells and reveals that the NSA found the numbers she hid. She says there are multiple ways she could escape her cell but she hasn't attempted any. She outlines one possible escape that would neutralize her handcuffs. She has already carried this through and chokes Ramses.

Sherlock finds one ad in the paper that says Moriarty is not behind the abduction plot, she's one of the victims. Gaspar put out a message that states he wants something. Watson knows that whatever he wants is at the GPS co-ordinates in Norway. The final part of the message warns Moriarty to be prompt because her daughter's life hangs in the balance. Watson is shocked that Kayden Fuller is Moriarty's daughter.

Gaspar plays a game with Kayden when they hear shots fired downstairs. He warns her to get under the bed and not to open the door for anyone. Gaspar makes his way through the building and finds one of his men, Clay, crying over the body of another. Clay was told to shoot the other man by Moriarty and he agreed because she knew things about his family. Moriarty walks out and shoots Gaspar, she was able to figure out where they were hiding Kayden.

At Moriarty's cell, Toby debriefs Watson and Sherlock about Moriarty's escape. Ramses is in bad shape but he should be okay. She has a 40 minute head start and Sherlock thinks she went to see her daughter. Moriarty calls Sherlock and asks to see him. She warns him to keep the police outside.

Sherlock arrives alone to meet Moriarty. He finds her surrounded by the bodies of Gaspar and his men. Kayden was sent away to safety and Moriarty admits that she arranged for the Fullers to adopt her. Sherlock asks what's in Norway that she gave the location of. It was a vault of seeds from all over the world but Sherlock knows that's not what Gaspar wanted. She was hoping to send Gaspar away to give her more time to move against him. Sherlock insists that she take an ambulance because of her wounds. She has no intention though and would rather die. Moriarty appreciates the letters that she exchanged with Sherlock and admits she didn't murder Ramses because Sherlock wouldn't have approved. Sherlock helps her out of the building and police bring her to an ambulance.

At home, Sherlock watches the fire when Watson informs him that while Moriarty lost a lot of blood, she will make it. Watson asks if Sherlock is okay and he says he is. He takes the letters from Moriarty and places them back in his beehive.