All In The Family - Recap

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Sherlock and Watson question a man, Riley, about robbing an art gallery while working security there. They are dressed in formal attire because they have just come from the gala where Riley was seen giving a signal to his partner. Riley takes off his prosthetic leg and Sherlock finds the hidden compartment on it. Detective Nash tells them to leave so that he can handle the case himself. They meet Toby outside and Sherlock complains about Nash. He suggests Toby take on more cases so that they can work with him rather than Nash.

Bell and Detective Annie Wozniak are given a case to investigate. A man was seen wheeling a barrel into an oil recycling center after hours. Wozniak doesn't think the case sounds that good but Bell is just happy to have field work. At the oil recycling center, they meet with a security guard. Wozniak goes inside to look at the security tapes while Bell looks at all of the barrels gathered inside. He taps on several and pinpoints one that makes a different sound. A worker and the security guard open the barrel up. Bell calls in for additional detectives when a headless body is found inside.

Toby, Sherlock, and Watson arrive at the oil recycling center to help Bell. He tells them the trail is cold because the hands and head are missing. Toby wishes Bell luck on the counter terrorism force and the two leave the building together. Watson tells Sherlock that eventually Bell won't be angry at him. There's nothing to learn from the body right now so Sherlock inspects the barrel he was found in. Watson recognizes a scar on the body as that belonging to 'Handsome' Bobby Pardillo.

Back at the station, Toby explains that Handsome Bobby hasn't been seen in 21 years, since his father was acquitted for racketeering. Watson believes the murder was done by a member of a Mafia family, the Ferraras. Sherlock suggests they speak to Handsome Bobby's father, Robert Pardillo.

Robert Pardillo is brought in to identify the body. Toby, Watson and Sherlock ask him some questions. They communicated by email and Handsome Bobby had surgery so that his weight would disappear. He doesn't know who killed his son but if he did he would kill them. Toby escorts him out of the building. Sherlock thinks he actually will retaliate and wants to find the killer before Robert.

Sherlock visits the Demographics unit to speak with Frank Da Silva. He wants to speak with the man who called in the barrel but Frank explains that it was an anonymous caller. Sherlock admits that the reason he came was to actually offer his services.

Bell walks by just as Sherlock exits Frank's office. He asks why he's there and Sherlock tells him that he volunteered to work here as well as Toby's squad. Bell isn't happy about this news. Sherlock thinks he can do great things there and doesn't understand why Bell won't accept his deepest apologies.

Watson calls Sherlock into her room to tell him about Dante Scalice. He's in the Ferrara family and she suspects Robert referenced his mixed heritage when they spoke with him. Watson believes that Robert knows Dante is the killer and wants to kill him. She also has photos from Dante's casino that show a barrel that looks similar to the one that Handsome Bobby was found in.

Sherlock and Watson rummage in Dante's garbage until he comes outside. He isn't surprised by the death of Handsome Bobby and says he has an alibi. He refuses to speak to them without his lawyer. He gets into his car as they walk away. When he starts his car it explodes.

Toby warns Watson that if they don't stop this they may soon have a mob war. Inside Dante's house, Sherlock shows Toby a bone that belongs to Handsome Bobby. He found it in a cupboard under the sink with acid used to dissolve the skull. With one case solved, Toby wants to work fast to find the bomber. Sherlock has also found emails between Bobby and Robert. Dante received the emails and phone records from the NSA.

Sherlock and Watson meet with Dean McNally to ask questions about intelligence. He runs an intelligence company that is actually a front for the NSA. Watson explains what they have found and how only the NSA could have gathered. He claims the business is only a web development company and knows nothing about it.

Watson runs into Bell in the elevator. He's at the station to talk to Toby about Sherlock working at Demographic. Bell doesn't want him there, even if he means well.

Watson arrives home and hears a loud noise. She finds Sherlock testing out bombs in an old freezer. Watson suggests calling Frank to get a bomb expert. She reveals she knows Sherlock volunteered to work at Demographics so that he could force a reunion with Bell. He doesn't get along with anyone other than him. Sherlock receives a text but refuses to explain it to Watson.

Sherlock meets with Dean at a private location. Dean tells him that the NSA checked for a mole but everything is clean. He says a cop requested the surveillance on Handsome Bobby. Dean explains Frank, from Demographics, always gets what he wants and he wanted Bobby found.

Sherlock thinks they need to be discrete while investigating Frank. He also knows they need help. They ask Bell to help them work against Frank. There's no proof and Bell suggests the NSA tricked Sherlock. Bell starts to leave but Sherlock tries to stop him. They get in a short argument where Sherlock tells Bell he believes in him and wishes he had stayed in Major Crimes. Sherlock got sober and knew what he was supposed to do with his life. He asks Bell if he knows.

Watson and Sherlock visit Theodore Ferrara's house. They ask him if he has a policeman on the inside. Sherlock offers a deal but Ferrara isn't interested. He didn't tell Dante to murder Bobby because he didn't care anymore.

Bell talks to Frank about the anonymous tip that Sherlock thinks is Frank. He tries to convince Frank not to let Sherlock work there. Frank agrees and tells Bell he trusts his judgement.

At the apartment, Sherlock asks Watson why Frank would risk his career to ensure the end of a washed up gangster. Watson opens the front door thinking it's the pizza delivery man but it's Bell. He says Frank didn't show any signs of being uncomfortable when he brought up the fake tip but there was something that bothered him in his voice. Bell later went into Frank's office and found proof that he's a corrupt cop. Everything in the folder he found shows evidence against Robert Pardillo that was hidden. Sherlock finds a recent newspaper article that thinks it will unlock Frank's true motive. He suspects that Frank was converted from a good cop to be corrupt. The article is about a union president signing a deal that could cripple the mob bosses business. Sherlock suspects the clipping represents a death sentence. He thinks Frank is trying to set up a mob war. He knows that the only way he can safely retire is to have Robert killed.

Bell tells Frank that it looks like Robert is suspected in Dante's death. Frank says that's great news and leaves the office.

Robert calls Frank from a boat and asks what's going on. Frank watches from a distance and walks towards him with a silencer on his gun. Bell and the police surround the men and arrest both of them. Robert gets mad when he sees Frank is holding a silenced gun. Toby congratulates Bell on a great job.

Toby thanks Sherlock for straightening everything out with Bell. Sherlock turns around and is surprised to see Bell back in the station. Bell nods to Sherlock when he walks by. He sits at his desk, happy to be back.