Dead Clade Walking - Recap

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Sherlock receives a text from Randy, stating that he feels like getting high. He goes to leave but finds a woman other than Watson in the living room. The woman, Gay, is a geology major from the university and she's there to help Watson with a case. Watson may have found a breakthrough in one of Sherlock's old cases involving Doug Newburg. She needs Gay's help identifying a rock in a wall in one of Sherlock's photos from the case. The wall and rock were in Doug's backyard. They leave to investigate and Watson reminds Sherlock of Randy.

At a diner, Sherlock meets with Randy. He has been having trouble because his old girlfriend, Eve, who did drugs with him wants to move in with him while she sobers up. Sherlock thinks that it's a bad idea and suggests he cut Eve out of his life.

Watson and Gay arrive at the home where the rock was located. After taking a look at it, Gay suggests it could even be an archaeological specimen. Watson texts Sherlock the news and he suggests she steal it.

Sherlock arrives at the lab just as a technician calls Watson in to see the scan that was done on her rock. The scan shows the rock contains fossils.

At the museum, Sherlock and Watson meet with Jerome Thomas, curator of the fossil collection. Sherlock shows him the fossil they found and Jerome is shocked. It looks like a miniature T-Rex that is very rare and worth around $10,000,000. Watson suggests that the person who killed Doug Newburg may have been looking for the fossil since his place was ransacked.

Sherlock pours over details regarding the Doug Newburg case. Watson asks what it's like to go back to a case that he covered while using drugs. He regrets that he wasn't able to give his best effort on this one. Randy texts Sherlock, saying that he couldn't cut Eve off and she's at his place. He feels like using so Sherlock leaves to meet with Randy.

The next morning, Watson wakes up Sherlock to show him a photo. It's Diego Salcedo at his wedding with his best man Doug Newburg. Diego has a record and eight years ago was convicted for having stolen property. He now has a fleet of ice cream trucks but Watson doesn't understand why he would have ice cream trucks running during the winter. The trucks that are permitted are authorized to go in industrial areas that include ports. Sherlock suggests he's using the ice cream trucks to ferry stolen goods through the city.

Toby, Watson, and Sherlock watch truck pull up next to one of the ice cream trucks. A man hands a stack of cash to the ice cream truck driver, Diego, and he brings out a metallic case. Toby gives the order for the police to converge on the deal. He finds Cuban cigars inside the case.

Bell interrogates Diego as Toby stands in the room. He warns that he could face considerable jail time unless he talks. An officer enters to tell Toby that two agents are looking for him to talk about the rock but he asks for a few minutes. Diego explains that he took the delivery for the rock but the buyer dropped out. He feared his place was being watched so asked Doug to keep it at his house for a few days. Doug was killed and Diego just thought the murderer took the rock. Diego offers to do anything to prove his innocence because he didn't kill his friend. Outside the interrogation room, an officer tells Toby that a federal agent is there about the rock. He rushes to the evidence room where Wolfe has already given the rock away to the first two agents that were there. Wolfe is confused so Sherlock inform him that he assisted in the theft of an archaeological treasure.

Sherlock thinks whoever it was that stole the fossil had a large amount of resources to set the whole thing up. He thinks if they find the biggest smuggler of antiquities they will find the thieves.

Watson and Sherlock pay a visit to a woman that he only knows as C. They share a hobby together that Watson describes as writing dirty letters to each other. They don't exchange many personal details so they have to survey the area where she works as an auctioneer. Sherlock spots a woman that he knows is C. She isn't sure she can help because she's not a smuggler. She names one man who is somewhat of a myth, the Magpie. She says he finds people who have things he wants.

In the apartment, Sherlock works to create a false set of documents in order to lure the Magpie in. He thinks he may have a plan to help Randy deal with Eve. He found out she has arrest warrants out and could easily have her arrested. Sherlock is upset he can't use this solution because it would create another victim. Watson says nothing but Sherlock thinks he must allow Randy to be the one to struggle through this problem. He later receives a text from Randy.

Sherlock meets with Randy at a diner. Randy apologizes for calling him so much. Sherlock is very straightforward and tells him he can't see Eve because of how dangerous she is. He's concerned for Randy, who understands how he feels. Randy excuses himself to go the bathroom. Watson calls Watson to tell him that he had a response to his ad about the fake documents. He asks her to send the details and hangs up. Sherlock orders a tea but the waitress is surprised he was ordering because his friend left.

Sherlock and Watson go together to meet the Magpie. The front door to the building is ajar so they enter. There is a dead body on the floor and the rock that contained the fossil nearby. Sherlock says someone shattered the rock and destroyed the fossil.

At the scene, Toby tells Sherlock that the Magpie's name was Malcolm Turner. The murderer's DNA is on both the body and the fossil so Toby says they will be able to identify him. Sherlock doesn't understand why the man would murder him and also destroy the fossil.

Watson hears music playing from the living room and finds Gay sleeping on the couch. Sherlock explains that she was there to help him with geology. He has found out why the murderer destroyed the fossil. There is a controversial theory that states some dinosaurs lived longer than previously thought. The broken fossil would have been the first full fossil found that could prove the theory. Sherlock has assembled a list of those that oppose the theory.

Watson gathers all of the opponents of the theory at the station. She explains the fossil that was found and destroyed. Bell warns that if they don't give their DNA they may be found obstructing the case. One man has a problem giving his DNA to the police and leaves. Sherlock tells Bell that he was Ivan Kershavin and wants to focus the investigation on him.

Bell tells Sherlock and Watson that Ivan isn't their man. One of the others at the meeting tested positive for a match. Bell says Andrew Donnelly, the man in the wheelchair, is the match.

Toby doesn't believe Andrew could be the one to murder the Magpie. He refuses to speak until his lawyer gets there. Bell arrives with news that the Magpie killer isn't the same man who killed Doug Newburg. Toby speaks with Andrew's lawyer but she claims he's being framed. The Magpie was killed at the same time Andrew was giving a guided tour at a museum. Toby wonders how his DNA got to the crime scene.

Sherlock admits to Watson that he's at a loss for what to do next. A found sample of Ivan's DNA turned out to be false. He has a stack of papers that represents the sales the Magpie made. Watson notices one man that bought four separate items.

Watson wakes up with a note on her bed from Sherlock. It tells her to meet him at the Hall of Dinosaurs at the museum. Once there, Sherlock explains he's trying to get the attention of the man who bought the four separate items, all of which were dinosaur bones. He thinks one dinosaur, that is billed as the only complete skeleton ever found, was actually made up of separate black market bones. Watson remembers that Jerome Thomas claimed to have supervised the dig himself. He thinks this is the link that connects the murders of Doug Newburg and the Magpie. Jerome walks up and asks what they are doing. Watson accuses him of murder and explains what she knows. He asks them to leave and Sherlock warns he will be back with a warrant to test his DNA. Sherlock offers him a chance to confess before facing all of that evidence.

Back home, Sherlock watches a news report about the arrest of Jerome. Watson arrives and hands him a box that was at the front door. He suspects it's what was left of the destroyed dinosaur fossil. Sherlock thanks her for the help with his old cold case. There's a knock at the door and Sherlock lets Randy inside. He admits he got high with Eve last night. When he woke up he told Eve he never wanted to see her again. He isn't sure if Sherlock is still his sponsor. Sherlock quickly asks if he wants to go to a meeting and they leave together.