Corpse de Ballet - Recap

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In the kitchen, Watson greets a woman as she leaves Sherlock's room. After she's gone, Watson makes a note to Sherlock about all of the woman he has slept with recently. He feels judged but Watson assures him that wasn't her intention.

A stage manager informs her lead ballerina, Iris Lanzer, that Vincent is ready. The ballerinas run through their rehearsal but stop when there's a loud noise from behind them. A woman's body, split in two parts, falls from the rafters.

Sherlock and Watson meet Toby inside the theater. The woman found cut in half was one of the dancers, Nell Solange. All of the security camera footage is stored in the manager's office but someone stole it. Toby calls over Vincent Renatto, the company's ballet master. He designed the performance with Nell in mind but had to cast another dancer when she didn't connect in auditions. They go to the body and Sherlock notices that she was killed by a cut on her neck. The body was set up so that when a backdrop was lowered, a wire would tighten and cut her in half. Watson believes the knife was small and thin. Toby suggests a box cutter and asks them to follow him. He takes them to Bell backstage at the spot where Nell was murdered. Bell found a box cutter hidden with towels used to clean up the blood. There's a flower on the handle that Sherlock identifies as an iris.

The team questions Iris Lanzer in her dressing room. She thought a fan took the box cutter, as has happened before. Watson asks about Nell but Iris says she was unformed as a dancer. Iris has an alibi and suggests they talk to Nell's ex-boyfriend, Nicholas Orman, whom she has heard was violent.

Sherlock later admits to Watson that he doesn't think IUris is the murderer. She would never consider another ballerina a threat because of how arrogant she is. Watson brings up Iris' history as a mean person and evidence that she knocked down a photographer. That only makes her a diva, not a murderer. A charity that Watson works for calls her to say that one of their clients went off his meds and got in a fight with some police.

At the hospital, Watson meets with the police, who got in an altercation with Morris Gilroy. They had to wrestle him down and brought him to the hospital when he said his arm hurt. Watson meets with Morris, who says someone took his friend.

Sherlock and Bell question Orman in his apartment. Orman believes that Nell broke up with him because of another man. She threatened him with a restraining order and he suspects the new boyfriend murdered her. Sherlock suggests that he did it as an angry ex-boyfriend but he has a solid alibi: he was working as a male dancer. Sherlock calls Toby to tell him the news and Toby explains that Iris lied about her alibi and says she's on the way to the station with her lawyer.

Toby and Bell question Iris in front of her lawyer. Sherlock asks about Nell's new boyfriend but Iris doesn't know that she was seeing anyone. Iris asks how long this will take because she needs to teach a class in Montreal. Toby asks her not to leave the city yet and she threatens to sue the police, so Toby gives Bell the signal and he arrests Iris. Her lawyer promises to have her out in a few hours. Sherlock confesses to Toby that he thinks she's innocent but Toby says he had no choice.

Watson asks Bell if he can help her with a problem. She's trying to find a homeless veteran named Zeke Frebo, Morris' friend that he is been looking for. She found his photo at one of the shelters and needs to distribute the photo.

In the kitchen, Watson greets the new woman who leaves Sherlock's room and is surprised to see that it's Iris. On her way out, Iris tells Sherlock that her lawyer, Nolan, will give him full access to her legal files. Watson confronts Sherlock about sleeping with a murder suspect. He claims he did it to further the case. He found that Iris has shoulder injury that would prevent her from working the pulley to rig up the body. Sherlock asks Watson to come to Nolan's office to see if they can find anything but she's busy looking for Zeke.

Sherlock visits Nolan in his office. He doesn't want the files leaving his office and insists that Sherlock must stay there to do his research.

Watson finds a Rachel Brown in the street and asks about Zeke. A neighbor saw them arguing a few weeks ago. Rachel explains that he's her brother, who has been living on the street with PTSD and a drug problem. Rachel asked him to stay with her but he didn't want to. Watson assures her that Zeke's disappearance isn't her fault, and then leaves when Sherlock sends a text.

Sherlock meets Watson at the apartment of Jake Picardo, the photographer who Iris pushed. Iris recently renewed her restraining order against Jake because she thought he was following her again. Jake explains that the agency he worked for dropped him because Iris' lawyer accused him of having a drug problem. He blames Iris and says she's manipulative. Watson asks if it's true that he has been following her. Jake asks them to leave and Sherlock says they will see him again.

Back at the station, Bell shows them a thumb drive that a reporter received in an unmarked envelope. It contains a voice mail that Iris left for Nell. From the voice mail they learn that Nell's new boyfriend is actually Iris

In Nolan's office, Sherlock and Watson question Iris about Nell. Iris explains that her interest in Nell was more practical. She got involved so that she could convince her to step down from the production. A previous girl ran into Nell and told her the truth, which is why they broke up. She left that voice mail because she had finally started to care about Nell. Sherlock inspects Iris' phone and finds its battery quick to drain. He believes it has spyware on it and Jake is responsible.

In interrogation, Jake admits that he was the one who put spyware on the phone but denies sending the voice mail to the reporter. Jake's lawyer offers to explain the alibi if Jake is given full immunity from the charges. Bell needs something to go on and agrees. Jake admits he had hidden cameras in Nell's apartment and was trying to film a porno of her and Iris together. His plan was to sell it to the highest bidder. He verifies this claim by telling them the location of the cameras.

Sherlock discovers that Jake's alibi is true. Watson suggests he still could have leaked the voice mail but Sherlock doesn't think he would lie about that after everything else he said. He believes Iris is being framed and inspects the voice mail. Watson prepares clothes to donate while she visits Morris now that he's out of the hospital. Sherlock asks why she's helping this man and she admits her birth father is schizophrenic and homeless. Watson volunteers so that she can occasionally see him. Sometimes he even recognizes her, but he still refuses to enter a halfway house.

At the shelter, Morris tells Watson that Zeke was roughed up and forced into a van. She looks through Zeke's bag that Morris is holding onto and finds a family photo. She doesn't recognize his sister and asks if Zeke had more than one.

Sherlock confronts Nolan with the knowledge that he was the one who recorded the voice mail. He recognized the sound of the door in his office closing. Sherlock explains that Nolan's plan was to create a media sensation by killing Nell and releasing the voice mail himself. Sherlock accuses him of not being that great of a lawyer and warns that he may have stacked the odds too high.

Watson arrives at Rachel's house. She says Zeke's not there but Watson has a search warrant. Watson accuses Rachel of not being related to Zeke even though she cashes his veteran checks. The police find a padlocked door inside the house and bust it open.
Watson and Sherlock watch a news report about Rachel. She was keeping three homeless men prisoner in her house and cashing their veterans checks. Watson spoke with Zeke's parents, who hope he will come live with them. Sherlock is proud of what she did and hopes justice will come to his case just as fast. Watson assures her they will find Iris and explain what Nolan has done. While talking about Nolan, Sherlock has a realization. He knows there were photos of Nolan taken that night and suspects he will use them to exonerate Iris.

Sherlock confronts Nolan in a bathroom while he prepares for court. He asks if it will take long because he's about to address the media. Toby enters and says it will take 25 to life. Sherlock had a hunch and got a search warrant to search his office. Inside the office was the hard drive that was stolen from the theater. The man resembled Nolan and Sherlock thought he kept the video as a backup in case he couldn't prove Iris' innocence. Bell arrests him and leads him outside.

Watson watches a news report that features Iris mourning Nell. Sherlock enters with blankets he wants to donate to those in need. Watson grabs her coat so she can also go.