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    Because we’ve invested so much time into a series, when it finally does bid adieu, we expect to be satisfied. We count on loose ends being tied up, on-and-off couples to go back on, for the..
Posted on: May 19th, 2014, 12:38 pm
Hello all! Chances are if you're reading this it means you, much like myself, are addicted to TV. You just can't ever get enough of that small screen action! Well, I'm here to tell you that I feel..
Posted on: May 19th, 2014, 9:48 am
    I have a confession to make: I have never watched the entire series of ‘Breaking Bad.’ Nor have I watched ‘The Wire’ or ‘Deadwood.’ And, no, I have not even seen one single episode..
Posted on: May 17th, 2014, 12:51 pm
    May is a big month for television. New shows are announced and old shows (along with some new ones) are canceled, while others enjoy their season finales (which are most likely huge,..
Posted on: May 14th, 2014, 12:32 pm
    If you’re a ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ fan, chances are you’re more than accustomed to the show’s heart-wrenching season finales. There have been deaths…hospital shootings…plane..
Posted on: May 13th, 2014, 1:01 pm
    Being a mom is never easy. Not that I have any experience in this matter, but, you know, I’ve heard stories. There’s diaper changings, school plays, soccer games, family meals to plan,..
Posted on: May 9th, 2014, 1:57 pm
    Moms are the best. They take care of us when we're sick, they do our laundry, they cook for us, sing us to sleep -- and my mom just did that for me yesterday! All kidding aside, moms really do..
Posted on: May 9th, 2014, 7:20 am
    I don’t know if you know that we know this, but today marks the 10-year anniversary of the ‘Friends’ series finale, which — if you’re anything like me — involved a lot of..
Posted on: May 6th, 2014, 6:32 am