Season 1

1 :01x01 - Pilot

Conor, a 15-year-old professional video game-playing phenom, desperately wants to get his pro card back after a thumb injury forces him to retire, so he recruits new classmates Franklin, Wendell and Ashley to play the game for him.

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2 :01x02 - The Gaming Club

Conor attempts to circumvent life's challenges by using his gaming skills. He tries to get his pro card back after a thumb injury sees him having to retire.

3 :01x03 - The Puddin' Party

When Wendell's life falls apart from playing too much Puddin' Party, a cheesy, kids' phone game, Conor and the rest of the crew go to extreme lengths to break him of his lame obsession.

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4 :01x04 - The Chair

A prospective sponsor sends the team a state-of-the-art gamer's chair and everybody wants it. Franklin comes up with a competition to see who can go the longest without gaming with the winner keeping the chair.

5 :01x05 - The Spirit Egg

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6 :01x06 - The Rival's Arrival

The gang meet Wendell's new girlfriend and she ends up being Conor's biggest rival from the pro circuit.

7 :01x07 - The Sponsor

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8 :01x08 - The Driving Test

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10 :01x10 - The Incident

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12 :01x12 - The Odd Couple

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13 :01x13 - The Longest Yard

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14 :01x14 - The Penpal

Conor goes undercover into the bizarre subculture of table-top, fantasy card games.

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15 :01x15 - The Asteroid Blasters

The gamers sneak off to use an asteroid-blasting simulator during a school field trip at a space lab.

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16 :01x16 - The Chillerz

Conor and the gang take a product endorsement deal to try to dethrone their arch rival Lika from being the face of the gaming world.

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17 :01x17 - The Cabin

During a team-building retreat in the woods, the boys find themselves trapped without food or technology.

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18 :01x18 - The Super Kart

Franklin's ego drives him to lose a deluxe go-kart on loan from Funtendo.

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19 :01x19 - The Rock Band

The gang does well with Rock Hero 5 and Mr. Spanks suggests they compete on a TV show.

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20 :01x20 - The Goat

A goat that Conor is watching escapes with a belly full of explosives.

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21 :01x21 - The Escape Room

Conor and the gang participate in the latest craze: the Escape Room; they enter a strange room thinking it's part of the game and rob the safe, then find out they've stolen money from gangsters!

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