Still - Recap

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There's a car on the road that looks like it was swarmed by Walkers and they killed the driver. Beth and Daryl come rushing out of the bushes behind it. They're running, but they stop to inspect the car. Daryl posts as lookout while Beth inspects it. She can't start it, and the door is jammed so they jump into the trunk. Daryl ties the trunk down with his rag and holds his crossbow ready to fire. They spend a stormy night watching for the door to open. When the sun is up, and the Walkers have moved on, Daryl stays ready to shoot while Beth releases the trunk door. They get out safely and see that the car has been even more damaged and the body moved. Before moving on, they raid it for scraps; hubcaps, wires, and glass.

Daryl moves through the woods and takes aim at a squirrel. It moves as he fires and gets away. When he pulls the crossbow bolt from the tree he finds that it's broken. Beth uses the broken headlight to set a small fire in front of a small lean-to. She continues working on their camp, stringing up some hubcaps around it, to act as alarms. Meanwhile, Daryl tries hunting another animal, a rattlesnake. He sneaks up on it with a forked stick and his knife. He's successful, pinning the head down with the stick and beheading it. Beth catches a beetle and takes a second to let it crawl on her finger. Daryl skins the snake, with Beth behind him watching. They sit in their small camp, eating the snake.

Beth breaks the silence by stating that she needs a drink. After Daryl tosses her a bottle of water she clarifies that she meant alcohol. He stays quiet, eating his snake. Beth continues talking about how she has never had one, and that she wants to go find some. When Daryl doesn't answer, she gets up and takes her knife to go find some.

She walks through the woods alone and stops to look back. After Beth quietly calls him a jerk for not following, she sees Walkers directly in front of her. She hides behind a tree, and tosses a rock to attract them away from her. When they leave, Beth finds that Daryl was right behind her. They walk together with her saying that she is pretty sure that they need to go the other way to get back to the road. When she walks into the strung-up hubcaps she gets angry. Beth flips him off and tries to walk away, but Daryl grabs her arm. She yells at him, criticizing him for not having any feelings, and re-enforces that she is going to get a drink. After she leaves, Daryl looks back at the camp.

The two of them come out to a clearing near a golf course. They see Walkers on the other end, and head towards the club. They use a side entrance and find three Walkers hanging by their necks. The room is a mess with bodies and clothing all over it. At one point it has been a camp. Beth goes to a table and looks through the mess. She finds a silver spoon with a print of the White House and tucks it into her pocket. Daryl finds a bag filled with jewelry and cash. Beth asks why he's keeping it, and he just looks at her while he keeps shoving the stuff back into it. Walkers get to the door that they used to get in so they rush out of the room, closing big black double doors behind them.

Beth and Daryl go through the kitchen and find it in similar fashion. Daryl finds a bottle of seasoning, while Beth goes into the cooler. While she climbs a shelf to get to a bottle, she makes noise which attracts Daryl's attention, but he goes back to looking through the area that he is in. Beth comes out of the doorway and inspects the bottle. A Walker grabs her and she smashes the bottle over its head. It doesn't go down so Beth stabs it in the face with the broken end a few times before taking her knife out and killing it. After it dies, she notices that Daryl was standing a couple feet away. She sarcastically thanks him for helping her, and he credits her for taking care of herself.

They move downstairs and find obstacles in the hallway. Someone knocked over some shelves and an old grandfather clock. Daryl get's underneath and moves them. They end up in a clothing store. Beth finds some new clothes, and Daryl raids the register and the chocolates on the counter. Daryl takes a seat chewing on a cinnamon stick, near another corpse. This one has a sign hanging from her neck, "Rich Bitch", and she's stuck stiff. Someone had built a mannequin with her torso. Beth, wearing new clothes tries to take her down, but can't. Daryl helps, by covering her instead.

Beth and Daryl move through another hallway and get surprised when a grandfather clock goes off. They find Walkers in the first two rooms they check so they keep running. They end up in a big wide open room with lockers, a fireplace, and some chairs. Beth goes through it and tries to hide, but Daryl stops and fights. He uses a golf club to kill the first couple, but it breaks in one of their heads. Daryl grabs a fresh club and beats one down to the ground and continues hitting it, not aiming for the head. After a bunch of venting he tees off on its face and splatters Beth's new clothes with it's brains. She doesn't say anything, but immediately takes off the extra layer, a white button-down sweater.

They keep moving and find a bar. Beth turns around and gives him a speech about how she needs to have a drink, because they aren't allowed to lay down and cry. Daryl silently watches her talk, then follows her in. Beth goes to the bar and finds two corpses huddled behind it. Daryl smashes the glass on a frame to get at the piece of paper in it. She asks if he had to break the glass, he folds the paper and admits that he didn't have to break the glass. He counters with asking if she'd had her drink yet. She also says no, but points out that she found a bottle of peach schnapps. She tries to clean out a glass while he throws darts at pictures of men on the wall. When she goes to open the bottle she starts crying. He ignores her for a second, then takes the bottle and smashes it on the ground. When she looks at him, he tells her that her first drink isn't going to be peach schnapps.

They walk through the woods and Beth asks if Daryl was a motorcycle mechanic. He's confused so she explains that she's guessing what he did before the Walkers. She asks if Zach ever asked that one. He says it doesn't matter and goes back to letting her talk until they come up to a small house. He says that he found the place with Michonne. She was expecting a liquor store, but he says this is better. They go into a shed attached to the back and find a still. Beth doesn't know what it is and he tells her that it's moonshine. He hands her a crate full then they walk into the place. After a quick check he sits her down at the table and pours her a little bit. She hesitates at first thinking about what her father told her about bad moonshine making you go blind. Daryl tells her that there isn't anything left worth seeing so she tries it. A small sip surprises her with how bad it tastes, but she downs the rest afterwards. She tries to pour him some, but he rejects it. She asks why and he tells her that he's going to keep watch. She's not happy about having a chaperone but she doesn't fight him on it.

While Daryl tries to cover a window with a piece of cardboard Beth finds a giant ashtray shaped like the top of an empty bathing suit. After she comments on it, Daryl explains that his father had a place exactly like that place. He explains the chairs, shed, spittoon, and explains that his father used to put things like that ashtray on top of the TV and shoot them. A Walker shows up outside the window and they decide to leave it alone. Beth offers him a drink and they agree to make the best of being trapped again.

The two sit on the floor, on opposite sides of a coffee table while Beth explains a drinking game. They take turns saying something that they've never done before, and if the second person has done that thing, they have to drink. Her first turn is to say that she'd never shot a crossbow, and Daryl drinks. Still unconvinced and uncomfortable with the game, Daryl says that he's never been outside of Georgia. She drinks. Through the course of the game, Beth learns that Daryl has never been on vacation, and considered camping something that was necessary to hunt. Things start to turn dark when she says that she's never been in jail. Daryl asks if she thought that's who he was. Beth defends it by saying that even her dad spent time in the drunk tank, and then by guessing that he was a prison guard. He tells her to drink, because he hadn't. Instead of taking his next turn Daryl stands up to urinate in the corner. When he drops his glass and it breaks on the floor, Beth tells him that they need to be quiet. At this point he gets loud. He starts yelling about all the things he's never done, citing things like getting a pet pony, or eating frozen yogurt, then moving on to never relying on anyone before, and never cutting his wrists for attention. His yelling gets the Walker active again. Daryl remembers that she'd never shot a crossbow before and decides that this is the time to teach her. He grabs Beth by the wrist and takes her outside.

Once Daryl pins the Walker to a tree with the crossbow, he pulls Beth in close. He's rough and physical, teaching her to use the crossbow. When Daryl runs out of bolts and needs to pull them out, she runs up and kills it. He gets mad at Beth for ruining his fun. Their argument goes from torturing the Walker to the people that they've lost. Beth back at him about acting like all the people that they've lost don't matter. She brings up Sophia and how when she came out of the barn Daryl was just like Beth. And that since then he's been afraid to let anyone get close. He turns it around on her and talks about how she's lost two boyfriends and still won't shed a tear. The argument progresses to how everyone they know is dead. Beth argues that they don't know if anyone else is alive, but he says that it doesn't matter. They'll never see them again, so it doesn't matter. He starts to blame himself for not finding The Governor. Daryl turns his back on her and goes on about how he should have kept looking, and how he let them all down. She hugs him from behind while he cries.

That night, Daryl and Beth sit on the porch with glasses around them. She realizes why her father quit drinking. Beth says that she wishes she could feel like that all the time, and she knows that's a bad thing. Daryl tells her that she's lucky to be a happy drunk, and Beth implies that he's not. He admits to being a dick when he's drunk, then goes on to talk about his brother. The story is about a time when he and Merl upset a drug dealer and they got into a drunken brawl that turned into a standoff with guns out. He almost died because of a stupid cartoon. Daryl explains that he got punched in the gut and threw up. It made them laugh so no one got shot.

After the story he explains that he didn't have a job before the Walkers. He followed Merl around, doing whatever Merl wanted. He gets quiet when Beth asks if she missed him. Beth goes on to talk about missing her family, listing them off. She talks about her hopes for her father being around for a long time and getting to see Glenn and Maggie's baby grow up. Beth starts to cry and admits that it's really stupid, but he tells her that it's supposed to be that way. She takes another drink and says that she wishes she could change. Daryl credits her for the change she's made, but it's not enough for her. She tells him that he's going to be the last man standing. He was built for this mess. Daryl tells her to stop, but she insists that he's going to miss her. She tells him to live in the present and to stop worrying about who he was. Beth smiles wide and tells him that they should burn the place down. He doesn't say anything, he just gets up. When she looks at Daryl, confused, he turns and tells her that they're going to need more booze.

Inside they splash moonshine over everything. They smile and leave a trail out to the porch. Outside Daryl offers Beth a book of matches. While she gets one out, he holds a stack of one hundred dollar bills. She lights them for him, and he tosses the bills onto the porch. Before they walk away Beth stops and holds her middle finger up to the blaze. He just watches until she nudges him to do it too. Some Walkers are attracted by the fire and ruin the mood. Daryl gets her attention and they walk off.