Alone - Recap

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Bob, looking more raggedy than usual, walks slowly through some woods with a machete sitting on his shoulder. Later he sits on a tree trunk eating some bright pink stuff with his fingers. Later, he's standing against a tree while Walkers move by. Bob continues slowly walking alone through the woods until he comes across a shelter that someone had built into the hillside. He looks up and then walks towards it. After knocking on the roof with his machete, Bob secures it by tying sticks across the opening. Once inside he sits along and drinks a bottle of cough medicine. When a Walker finds him he just lays there, drunken from the cough syrup, and watches it try to get through the bars. Bob keeps moving, slowly walking with his machete over his shoulder until he comes across a trailer for a commercial truck. From the top lies on his back and waits while a bunch of Walkers move by underneath. He walks away from the trailer but stops when he hears a vehicle. Daryl rides up on his motorcycle with Glen behind him in a truck. Bob says hello, and Daryl goes right into asking questions. He introduces himself and answers the questions, unafraid. He hasn't kept track of the number of Walkers and he's only killed one person. When Daryl asks why, he looks up at Daryl and answers, "Because she asked me to". When asked if he wanted to go with them, Bob answers plainly, that he does and he doesn't care who they are.

There is a dense fog with Walkers moving in the distance. Bob, Maggie, and Sasha stand back-to-back looking and waiting for the Walkers to find them. They get swarmed and fight for their lives, back-to-back. A Walker bits Bob's shoulder and Sasha shoots the Walker in the head. She turns just in time to help Maggie, but Maggie is overwhelmed anyway. Sasha manages to pummel the Walker that she pulled off of Maggie, but Maggie is helpless underneath the Walker who took her down. A second shot rings out and Maggie's Walker drops dead: Sasha saves her again. Things quiet down and they both notice Bob tending to his wound. It's the same shoulder that was shot in the prison and he's messing with the bandage. They are worried until Bob smiles and tells them that it only bit the bandage. Sasha hugs him, hurting the wound, but he stays happy.

Beth holds a crossbow ready to fire with Daryl standing directly behind her. He's teaching her to track by tracking something. She's not sure until she realizes that the trail zigzags, then she guesses that it's a Walker. They keep tracking it into a clearing and find it kneeling over some food, and Beth approaches slowly. She creeps up on it until she steps into an animal trap. The trap shuts on her foot and takes her down. Even from her knees she shoots the thing in the face, but the bolt hits low on the jaw, missing the brain. Daryl sprints up and finishes it off. He removes the clamp from her boot and they check her ankle, confirming that she can move it.

Sasha, and Bob tell Maggie that they need to wait until the fog clears up. According to Bob they've been following a plan and there is no reason to get sloppy. Maggie isn't happy about waiting. When she pulls out her compass, she finds that it's broken. She and Sasha look down, but Bob tells them it's okay because they can just use the sun.

Beth and Daryl come up to a funeral home. He braces her while they walk until she asks him for a break. He lets her hop on his back and carries her piggyback style. As they pass through some of the graves outside she stops him. He picks a small bunch of flowers while she stares at a gravestone. The stone is to an anonymous "Beloved Father." They stand together and Beth takes his hand.

Bob, Maggie, and Sasha come across one of the signs to Terminus. Bob remembers the broadcast that they'd heard on the run to the veterinary college. Bob and Maggie want to check it for their friends, but Sasha doesn't trust it. However, she recognizes when they've made up their minds and begrudgingly goes with them.

Daryl finishes carrying Beth to the funeral home. She stands outside the door while he opens it and bangs on the frame. Once inside they realize that someone's been taking care of the place, so they go through it carefully. In the basement they find the embalming room. Daryl finds some supplies and tries to tend to Beth's ankle but she's too caught up in the beauty of someone caring about the dead. After she's done talking at him he wraps her ankle.
Bob and Sasha sit in a camp. It's got cans and things tied up all around it so that they have warning. Sasha tries to open a can of food with her knife while Bob asks her why she wants to stop looking for people. She explains that she's afraid that they're all going to die if they do not bunker down and get ready. Sasha cites their morning as a warning that wandering is a bad thing.

Beth and Daryl search the kitchen for food and find a stash in the cupboard. Daryl notices that there is no dust and that it is put the way it is because someone has been taking care of it. He tells her that they're only going to take some of it, and they'll leave the rest. After he decides that it'd be better to leave whoever it is with some of their food, Beth claims to have been right. Daryl does believe that there are still good people in the world. He strings come cans up around the porch while she sings and plays the piano. He interrupts her to tell her what he was doing, then climbs into a coffin. He gets comfortable and tells her to keep playing. Beth was under the impression that her singing annoyed him, but he dismisses it as her being the new jukebox.

Sasha wakes up wrapped in a blanket and plastic. Bob is kneeling over a note left for them by Maggie. The note tells them to not risk their lives for her. Sasha wants to let her go, but Bob insists on going to find her and helps him pack up.

Maggie follows the tracks to another sign. She gets ready to carve something into the side of the structure that the sign is on when a Walker comes up behind her. Maggie easily kills the Walker before digging into its entrails.

While they walk along the tracks, Sasha talks to Bob about why he's been smiling since they left the prison. He explains that he's not smiling just because he's alive: he's smiling because he's alive with company. After both of his last two groups he was the lone survivor, and Bob is happy that isn't the case this time. They come across Maggie's trail and find her note to Glenn. She used the blood from the Walker to tell him that she was going to Terminus.

Daryl carries Beth into the kitchen and sits her at the table. There is food set out and they get ready to eat when they hear something at the door. Daryl gets up to check it out, crossbow in hand, but it's just a dog.

Sasha sits up while Bob tries to sleep, listening to a Walker in the distance. They chat about the noises and not being able to sleep. She tells him to keep trying because he's healing and needs it. After a short attempt he sits up and they talk some more. Bob goes straight to the heart of what he thinks Sasha's problem is and brings up her brother. He assumes that Sasha believes that Tyreese is dead because she knows that he would be headed to Terminus if he wasn't. She's quiet while Bob tells her that she needs to stop being afraid to find out that Tyreese is dead. Before he lays back down, Bob tells her that she's one of the bravest and sweetest people he's ever met.

At the table, Beth writes a note to the person who's been taking care of the house. Daryl, who is sitting next to her, starts to say that she may not need to write the note. He then suggests that maybe they stick around for awhile. , cheers up and confirms that he does believe that there are still good people in the world. When she asks what changed his mind he is awkward and doesn't give her a real answer. She pushes him and he just looks at her shyly. There is a noise on the porch again. Daryl quickly gets up and takes a pig foot with him to let the dog in. Daryl, uncharacteristically, walks up and opens the door, expecting the dog. He's surprised by the group of Walkers.

Daryl tries to close the door but can't so he holds it while he calls to Beth. She brings his crossbow and he tells her to run. They separate in the building and the Walkers follow him into the basement. While everyone is moving, Daryl yells for her to go out the window and meet him at the road. Once in the embalming room, a small room with no windows or exits, Daryl pulls a table with a corpse between them. He backs himself into a corner and fights them off from there. Daryl uses one of the embalming instruments to stab their heads while they reach over the table. When the swarm gets to be too much he sneaks underneath and around. The stairwell isn't empty but he manages to escape the group by handling the few there. Daryl get's outside just in time to see Beth's bag on the ground and a hearse pulling away. There's nothing he can do but chase it.

Bob and Sasha walk down the tracks and find another sign left by Maggie.

Daryl keeps running through the morning until he comes to a crossroads. He finally stops and collapses into a seated position where a railroad and two other roads cross.

Bob and Sasha have continued following the tracks until they see buildings. She gets excited and picks a large square building. She talks about setting it up so they can stay in it. Bob tells her that he's not stopping and she disagrees. He brings up the fact that Maggie is out alone, but Sasha says that she made her choice and they should stay. Instead of taking on the discussion at hand, Bob goes on about how many bad things have happened to him because he was scared. When he tells her not to be afraid, Sasha gets loud and claims not to be. They come to an impasse over their decision to move on or stay. In a final attempt to get her to go with him, Bob kisses her. She doesn't change her mind, but she tells him he doesn't have to go on alone, she means that he can stay with her. He says that he won't be, and walks on.

Sasha inspects the building, slowly moving up the stairs. Once at the top, she starts to cry. Sasha fights it, covering her face. Once she has her composure, from the window, Sasha notices an ice cream truck with bodies laying around it. She notices something and touches the window, knocking the whole pane out. The noise startles Maggie, who was laying with the other bodies. Sasha watches while Maggie stands and a Walker comes around from behind the truck. The noise seems to have woken the Walkers around her because when she runs to help Maggie, they are coming out of doors.

The ice cream truck is one of a bunch of vehicles wrapped around in a circle. Sasha climbs onto the hood of a car and starts fighting off the horde with the long staff she's been carrying. Maggie gets into the fight wielding a street sign. The Walkers focus primarily on Sasha so Maggie is free to help out. When the initial rush is over the two go back-to-back without saying a word and continue the fight.
After the fight Maggie asks Sasha where Bob is, and then explains what she had been doing. She realized that she needed help, and that she could ask for it because she knows that the risk wouldn't be just for her. Sasha admits to being afraid, and knowing that they could make it. She decides to help Maggie and catch up to Bob.

Daryl sits quiet and alone in the crossroads with his crossbow next to him. A man with a shotgun walks up to him and his friends surround him. When the guy gets within arms reach, Daryl swings and stands quickly. The guy, who had the tennis ball when he raided Rick's house, falls to the ground. Daryl aims his crossbow and seems to be ignoring the five other people with weapons drawn. From the ground, the leader of the group tells everyone to wait. The first guy to talk is one who has a bow directly behind Daryl. He claims the vest as his own. The leader laughs and stands up. Daryl keeps the crossbow set on him but doesn't move otherwise. Immediately the guy starts to give Daryl credit for having the crossbow. He claims that a guy with a rifle could have been anybody, but a guy with a bow had some credit. He lists off some specs for the bow, showing he knows what he's talking about, then warns Daryl that he's outnumbered and wouldn't survive a fight. There isn't a direct peace offer but it's clear that Daryl should play nice. The guy introduces himself as Joe, and Daryl gives his own name.

Bob walks down the tracks alone again, but this time with purpose. He hears Sasha call his name and stops. He hugs them both and they continue walking.

Glen stares at a sign, its a sign for Terminus, he looks shocked.