The Grove - Recap

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A water pot boils on a stove, with some music that sounds like it’s on a record player playing. Outside a little girl plays tag with an adult Walker.

Carol and Lizzie are sitting on a cement wall with Judith watching over Mika and Tyreese. When Carol tells Lizzie that she can go to sleep, Lizzie tells her that she can help by taking Judith. They then talk about how Lizzie saved Tyreese and that maybe there are kids at Terminus. Lizzie asks about Carol’s daughter and it comes down to Sophia having been too sweet. After Lizzie asks if Carol would miss her if she were gone, Carol sends her to bed. When Lizzie gets down to Mika and Tyreese, he’s talking through a nightmare.

In the morning Lizzie shows Carol some running tree sap, which she uses to help Tyreese’s arm. While she works on him, Tyreese asks how far away she thinks they are from Terminus, they haven’t seen signs in a while so she’s not sure. Without worrying too much about it, he moves on to tell her that Lizzie is tough. Carol points out that she’s seen the girls behave differently towards the Walkers, especially Lizzie, who doesn’t understand that they’re dead. When he asks about Mika specifically, she tells him that she’s worse because she doesn’t have a mean bone in her body.

While they walk down the tracks Mika asks Carol about the ending of Tom Sawyer. After they agree that Mika is more like Tom Sawyer than Huck Finn, Mika comments about how Lizzie is so much more like Huck that she isn’t even grossed out by dead rabbits. She gets a quick look from Lizzie but they move on.

After they smell smoke, Carol tells Tyreese that it’s time to rest and find water. He offers to help, but she reminds him that he’s wounded and she takes Mika with her. While Tyreese and Lizzie sit by a tree waiting, they see a Walker coming down the track behind them. He hands Judith to her and walks towards it. While they walk toward each other the Walker falls. Somehow its leg gets trapped and it stays helpless on the ground. Just before Tyreese kills it, Lizzie stops him. She tells him that she knows that it’s necessary sometimes, but they don’t always need to kill them. He lets it stay there.

Carol and Mika walk through the woods and Carol lets her know that she chose Mika because they need to talk. She tells Mika that she’s too nice and running isn’t always enough. Mika tells her that she can’t kill people and that when she tried, she froze up. When Carol stresses that it was people who showed up at the prison and killed their friends, not Walkers, Mika tells her that she still wouldn’t kill them, but she feels sorry for them, because they were probably different before. They start walking again and Carol tells Mika that things don’t just work out--everybody needs to change now. As she tells Mika these things, they come to an old homestead with pecan trees everywhere. When they get to the clearing Mika turns to Carol and tells her that her mother used to say that “Everything always turns out the way it’s supposed to.” They continue walking to their new food and shelter.

When the four of them get to the house together, they talk about eating the pecans and the deer who also eat them. They also notice smoke in the distance and conclude it must have been a big fire. They post the girls outside with Mika standing guard while Carol and Tyreese check out the building. Lizzie is sad about something when they walk in. Mika notices and tries to comfort her. When she notices the grave of a baby and asks if that’s what Lizzie is sad about, Lizzie tells her that its because they’re going to find a Walker and kill it in there. Mika yells at her to stop because the Walkers are not people. Lizzie argues and a Walker comes out from the door behind them. It topples over the railing and the girls move, but Lizzie ends up seated on the ground holding Judith. Mika uses two shots to kill it, but she does save Lizzie who starts crying. Carol tries to comfort her but she doesn’t want to say what’s bothering her. Mika knows, and distracts her with some flowers instead of asking about the problem.

Carol and Lizzie sit, cracking nuts, and Lizzie tells her that she doesn’t always understand but she’s trying to. Before they get into another conversation, Mika runs into the room, happy to have found a doll. Tyreese comes into the room next and explains their current situation. It’s so good that he gets uncomfortable: he’s not used to being in a living room with lots of food and water. It’s Mika who tells him to relax, and he does. When things get quiet, Mika brings up the idea that they should live there. Carol and Tyreese share a glance but don’t answer her.

Carol pours water into a water kettle and turns the stove on. When she looks out the window, she sees the scene from earlier. The little girl is Lizzie playing with a Walker. Lizzie tries to protect the Walker repeating “No.” and standing in the way. Carol pushes the girl over and tackles it with her knife going into its forehead. Lizzie is upset and screams at Carol about how it wanted a friend. She says that after they played she was going to lead it away. She ends up in Carol’s face screaming “What if I killed you?” After a second she steps back and goes into hysterics, claiming that Carol didn’t have to kill it, and she doesn’t understand them. She’s talking to Carol, but she keeps her focus on the Walker. Tyreese answers the boiling water’s whistle and notices Lizzie screaming at Carol. Before breaking into tears and falling to her knees, Lizzie repeats that it was her friend and that Carol killed it. Carol tries to make sense of what just happened.

With the sun going down, Carol and Mika walk through the woods. They notice the smoke again, and Mika explains that if it were done burning the smoke would be white instead of black. They talk about science class and then how she didn’t like dissecting things, and then on to how she’s going to have to do worse things now that those days are over. Mika resists and Carol explains that even though Lizzie is bigger and stronger, Mika is the smarter one. She starts to tell Mika that she’s going to have to look out for Lizzie, but they see a deer. Carol has Mika try to shoot the deer, but she can’t bring herself to pull the trigger. Carol looks disappointed but doesn’t say anything. Before walking away, Mika shrugs it off and mentions that they have peaches.

Carol and Tyreese get water from the well. After pumping the water, Tyreese sits and tells Carol that they could live there. He tells her that he knows them and he doesn’t know that he can get that anywhere else. She doesn’t say anything, and he goes back to pumping the water.

Mika comes out of the back door calling for Lizzie. She’s just in time to see Lizzie slipping into the woods holding a box. She catches her at the tracks as Lizzie puts a mouse into the stuck Walker's mouth. After Lizzie tells it that she’ll get him more, Mika stops her. Mika tries to explain that they were playing games when they used to name them through the fences. Lizzie acknowledges that the others were pretending but she claims to be able to hear them. She says that they want her to be like them, and maybe she should be. She holds her hand out by the thing’s mouth until more Walkers come out of the woods. They're burned but intact enough to chase the girls. When they get to the barbed wire fence Lizzie makes it through but Mika’s leg gets stuck and she falls. Carol and Tyreese drop the water and run over to help. Instead of killing the Walker who gets to Mika, Lizzie tries to wrestle the leg free. A gunshot rings out and the Walker drops dead. Carol and Tyreese start shooting the incoming horde and the girls sit up slightly behind and also start shooting. Carol takes note of Lizzie’s shooting and hugs her when it’s over.

Inside when it’s dark, Carol and Lizzie talk at the table with Mika on the floor playing, and Tyreese resting in a big chair. Lizzie is upset because she had to help stop the Walkers. When Carol asks if she understands now, Lizzie just claims to know what she has to do. Carol explains that things are dirty now, things are ugly, and it’ll change people, but that’s the way it is. Mika chimes in from the floor, claiming that she doesn’t want to hurt people or be mean. Lizzie tells her that sometimes she’ll have to be, and stresses that it’s sometimes. Tyreese moves and talks in his sleep, getting their attention for a second. To lighten the mood, Carol decides that it’s time to bake the pecans.

Carol and Tyreese go for a walk and Carol brings up staying there. She adds a couple things that they’d still need to do, but she’s in favor. They stop under a tree and Tyreese explains that the closer to Terminus they get, the more he realizes he’s not ready to be around other people yet. She understands and he goes into talking about Karen. While he explains dreaming about her, Carol hides feeling uncomfortable. Not all of the dreams are bad but sometimes he sees a stranger killing her. He talks about dead people haunting the living and how the whole world is haunted. Carol tries to keep her composure and offers the idea that maybe the dead are not haunting the living, but trying to teach them. She fails to keep the tears back, but she gets the words out. Tyreese doesn’t understand the tears, and assures her that she’s done the best she can for everybody, especially the girls. He hugs her and she’s slow to return it, but she does.

As they walk home they talk about her husband's stupid hunting jokes. With smiles on their faces they see Lizzie standing near Judith with blood on her hands. She’s holding a bloody knife and Mika is laying in the grass. Lizzie tells them not to worry because she didn’t hurt Mika’s brain. Speechless Carol looks over the scene. Mika is dead, Judith is right next to them, and Lizzie is smiling. Carol quietly tries to take Lizzie’s knife, but Lizzie drops it and pulls her gun on Carol. Lizzie tells them that she just wants to wait. When Tyreese tells her to put the gun down, she repeats it and keeps the gun up. Carol tells her it's okay and they placate her. Lizzie gives up the gun peacefully. When Carol asks Lizzie to go with Tyreese and take Judith somewhere safer, Lizzie explains that she was just about to help her change, too. Carol explains that that would be a bad idea because she can’t even walk yet. Lizzie thinks it over and agrees that it’s too early. Carol tells Lizzie that its okay, and she’ll tie Mika up just to keep her from going anywhere while they have lunch. Tyreese is still stunned but Carol has figured out how to calm herself. Stiff and clearly unsure, he takes Judith and the three walk away. When they're gone, Carol’s smile fades and she breaks down into tears.

In the dining room, Carol and Tyreese talk about what to do with Lizzie. He explains that she has a shoebox full of mice. He also explains that he asked about the Walkers at the prison, and the mutilated rabbit corpse that they’d found in the basement of the prison. Tyreese says that he considered that maybe she’d killed Karen and David but she wouldn’t have been strong enough. Carol points out that Lizzie would have let them turn, so it wasn’t her. Carol offers to leave with her, to keep Judith safe and starts to blame herself. The point that they can’t trust her around other people ends their conversation.

Carol and Lizzie walk through a field. Lizzie seems happier than before and Carol grim. They talk about picking flowers for Mika, then Lizzie comments on the fire still burning because of the smoke. Carol remembers what Mika said and tells Lizzie that the white smoke means that it’s done. Lizzie picks up on Carol’s sadness and asks if she’s mad at her. The girl starts to cry and apologizes for pointing her gun at Carol. Lizzie walks a short distance to some flowers and cries. She keeps apologizing and focusing on the flowers. Carol tells her that she loves her and mimics Mika trying to calm her by focusing on the flowers and counting. While Lizzie cries, Carol slowly draws her pistol. With tears in her eyes, Carol shoots Lizzie. Tyreese watches from the window.

While walking back to the house, Carol cries and sees a deer. Tyreese helps her bury their bodies.

Alone at the table, Carol and Tyreese talk. She slides her pistol towards him on the table. Still crying, she confesses to killing Karen. She explains herself but when Tyreese breaks down in tears, she tells him to do whatever he needs to. He puts both hands on the table gripping it and keeps his eyes turned away. Tyreese is quiet and hoarse when he asks if Karen was scared when it happened. Carol shakes her head and Tyreese looks at her. He confirms that it was quick and she nods. His left hand moves to the gun and squeezes it, but he doesn’t pull the trigger. Again Carol tells him to do what he needs to. This time he moves his hand off of the gun. He stares at her, then claims to forgive her. She’s shocked. Tyreese tells her that he’ll never forget, that it’s a part of both of them, and he forgives her. She cries and thanks him. With both of his hands still on the table, Tyreese tells her that they can’t stay there.

In the morning they leave. They take the pecans and walk back to the tracks. When they see the Walker who is still stuck, they leave it.