Us - Recap

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While Glenn, Tara, and the scientist group, walk down the tracks, Eugene talks to Tara about a funny theory involving the Walker virus and the dinosaurs. Tara, who doesn’t seem to be listening, finds a flattened coin on the track. Eugene gets a little bit excited about the prospect of using the flattened coin to make a homemade battery. After she hands it to him and they start walking again, he asks what kind of gamer she was.

Tara and Abraham stand watch while the others sleep. She tells Abraham that he should sleep but he refuses and spells out the difference between needing their help for support and for “point“. Abraham offers to let Tara sleep, and acknowledges that his initial read on her was wrong. He initially thought that she was in love with Glenn and that’s why she was helping him, but he has the right idea now. He jokes about Rosita and how both Tara and Eugene stare at her. Tara keeps the mood light while they talk, and she tells him that it was something that she did. She relays her motivation to him vaguely, using the fact that he was a soldier and understands group mentality and what it is to have a mission.

Eugene talks to Tara while they walk until they spot something. Glenn and Tara speed up and read a sign. Glenn stops for a minute to read “Glenn, go to Terminus. Maggie Sasha Bob.” After a second to take it in, Glenn starts running down the tracks, leaving the others behind him.

The group that picked Darryl up is sleeping when a Walker comes up to their camp and shakes their wires. After they kill the Walker, one of them realizes that Darryl is gone. He says that he didn’t think Darryl had the guts to go out on his own, but their leader, Joe, notices that Darryl left his stuff and assumes that he’ll be back.

Rick walks and talks about their plan until he realizes that he’s too far ahead of Carl and Michonne. He looks back and sees them using the railroad tracks like tightropes. He’s cool about it, but he asks them to move faster. Michonne acknowledges that he’s right, and tries to startle Carl. Instead of winning, she knocks herself off of the track and loses. When Carl claims his prize, a candy bar, Michonne jokingly gets upset because it’s the last one. Carl breaks it in half and hands it to her because they always share everything. Rick, who’s been more upbeat anyway, sees it and smiles a little wider.

A rabbit in the forest hops along not realizing that Darryl has it in his sights. Just as he takes the shot, an arrow passes by his head close enough to move his hair. The rabbit goes down with an arrow and his crossbow bolt in it. Len is standing behind Darryl, and they argue over who gets the rabbit. Darryl retrieves his ammo and tosses the other guys away. After his threat doesn’t go over, Len speculates that it’s a woman who has Darryl messed up. He chatters on while Darryl starts to walk away but he takes it a step too far when he implies that Darryl was into children. Darryl slowly takes his knife out of the sheath while the guy keeps talking. Just as he gets ready to attack, Joe grabs his arm and begins mediating.

The first thing Joe asks is if the rabbit was claimed. Len says that he did. Joe explains to Daryl that the rules for the group are simple. If you want it, you claim it. All you need to say is that one word and it’s yours. Darryl still keeps the rabbit. Len takes a step forward and pushes Joe to “teach him," despite the harmless sounding word his body language suggests more. Len gets more agitated when Joe tells Darryl that it wouldn’t be fair to punish him for a rule he didn’t know existed. While Darryl keeps his attention solely on Len, Joe slowly reaches for the rabbit. Darryl protests verbally but he doesn’t move. With them both holding the rabbit by its paws Joe puts the midsection against a tree and chops it in half. He tosses the half in his hands to Len and they move on.

Glenn, still ahead of his group, walks past a tower that stands near the tracks. They yell to him to stop because Abraham wants to rest. Abraham tells Glenn that they’re going to rest and that pushing so hard when you’re tired is suicide. His voice wakes a Walker that is inside the tower and they all look up. The Walker walks off the ledge and almost lands on Eugene, but Abraham pushes him out of the way, and into Tara, who hurts her leg. Glenn moved closer to the group when he saw the Walker, and straight to Tara when he saw that she was hurt. He gives her the option to sit and rest, but she says that she can keep going. Glenn tells Abraham that it’s okay for them to stay. As he gets ready to separate the group, Rosita calls him an ass. She points out that Tara would do anything for Glenn because she feels like she owes him. Instead of acknowledging her, Glenn turns to Abraham to offer a trade. If they all push until the sun goes down, Glenn will give Eugene his riot gear. Rosita hears it and tries to defend Tara, but Abraham takes the deal.

While they walk, Joe talks to Darryl about his plans. Darryl tells Joe that he isn’t planning on staying long. Joe tries to convince Darryl to stick around. He explains the rules: no lying, no stealing, and you claim. The punishment is a beating, which varies in severity. While they talk, a Walker attacks the group and three of the men kill it, working together as if they’re almost playing. As they pass by a building, Joe decides that it’s a good place to stay for the night so he calls ahead and the guys all follow orders. Darryl stops to make it clear that there is no “us," but Joe asks if he’s leaving. When Darryl doesn’t answer, Joe reinforces that there is an “us” because Darryl is sticking around for a bit. Before they go in, Joe has a few last words of wisdom. He tells Darryl that there is nothing more sad than an outdoor cat thinking that he belongs inside.

Wearing his new riot gear. Eugene walks down the tracks with the group. They get to a railway tunnel and Glenn runs ahead to check the sign left for him. This time it’s wet so they know that they’re gaining on them. The tunnel is dark and they can hear Walkers inside it. Abraham insists on taking the time to go around, but Glenn insists on pushing forward. They agree to part ways and Tara agrees to go with Glenn. Before separating, Abraham offers Glenn a couple cans of food, which he doesn’t take. Tara steps up and takes them for him. Abraham also hands Glenn a large flashlight. Glenn apologizes for hitting Abraham, who tells him that he’s not sorry, because he likes to fight. Rosita hugs Glenn and tells him not to be an ass. Eugene awkwardly tells Tara that she’s hot, and she tells him she likes girls. Before turning to leave, Abraham tells Glenn their plan to find a vehicle so Glenn can find them if there is trouble.

As they walk, Tara explains what she saw during the fight and tells him that the worst thing was seeing Brian kill Hershel. That was the point where she realized that it was all wrong.

The hunter group walks into the garage and quickly secures it. As each guy claims his space Darryl learns that it doesn’t pay to be slow. He loses three different spots, the cars, to the other guys, but he doesn’t fight it. He lies down on the floor and rests.

In the tunnel Glenn and Tara walk to a space where the ceiling caved in. There are Walkers trapped in the rubble. Glenn checks them all with his light to see if they’re stuck, or maybe if they’re Maggie. After Tara points out that the blood is wet so the collapse is fresh, he checks the ceiling. There are bullet holes around the big hole. Glenn continues inspecting the Walkers while he kills them and clears a path. On the other side he finds a horde of Walkers. He takes the high point, standing on the rubble, and uses his light to check them. When he doesn’t recognize any of the Walkers, he determines to push through. However, Tara tells him that they need to find another way.

Abraham, Eugene, and Rosita find a small group of cars. They clear them and figure out their route. Eugene insists on navigating. They both give him some crap about how well he did getting them that far, but they ultimately let him.

Inside the tunnel Glenn sets the flashlight up against the wall at the corner of the rubble. They use the light and a shadow that it casts as bait. The Walkers push over to that corner, allowing Glenn and Tara to push through. Tara, who’s already injured, slips and a large piece of debris traps her leg. Glenn tries to help but he can’t move it.

While Abraham is sleeping in the back seat, Eugene tells Rosita to make a left turn. She gets frustrated because it’s the third one in just a few minutes. They bicker about whether or not they’re lost until Eugene tells her to stop the vehicle. They’re stopped on railroad tracks. Rosita gets mad because he lied to her, but he tells her that he never claimed that his plan was to take them north. Eugene explains that they are where Glenn and Tara should be if things went decently in the tunnel. Rosita reminds him about their priority mission being to get to Washington, but Eugene tells her that he’ll still need to live with himself if he saves the world. As he tries to get out of the van, he drops the back of his seat on Abraham’s face. Abraham wakes up angry and gets even more so when he realizes what is going on. When he starts arguing with Rosita, Eugene calls for them to stop. He’s staring into the distance and needs their attention.

Darryl is sucking on a cinnamon stick and laying on his back when Len comes up to him. Len accuses him of stealing his rabbit. Darryl gets up and argues until Joe takes Darryl’s bag and dumps it out. Len’s half of the rabbit falls out. Darryl immediately accuses Len of framing him for theft. Len again tries to get Joe to agree that they need to “Teach” Darryl. Joe plays mediator and acknowledges that they’re in a rough situation because they both have different stories. Joe explains that if Darryl is lying and stole the rabbit he’s in trouble. And he goes on to ask Len if he planted it on Darryl. He explains that planting the rabbit wouldn’t specifically be against the rules, but it would be disappointing. Len tells Joe that he didn’t plant the rabbit, and Joe punches him in the face. Joe tricked Len into lying to him, and he tells the group to kick Len. Joe tells Darryl that he saw Len do it. Joe takes the opportunity to reinforce the rules to Darryl and gives him the front half of the rabbit.

In the tunnel, Glenn is still trying to free Tara’s leg. She tells him to go, but he doesn’t leave her. Their talking attracts a couple of the Walkers. They yell at each other and Glenn turns with his pistol to kill the Walkers closest to him. He shoots them in the head until he runs out of ammo. Just before he gets swarmed, a car pulls into the tunnel and someone yells for him to get down. A group of people fire automatic weapons and kill all the Walkers. When it’s done, Maggie comes up to Glenn, along with Abraham, Bob, Eugene, Rosita, and Sasha. Glenn and Maggie share a long hug and cry together.

When things calm down, Maggie meets Tara. Glenn doesn’t explain who she is, just that he found her and that she helped him. When they get to the rest of the group, Sasha explains that Eugene knows what caused everything. Glenn jumps ahead and guesses that they asked for help. Abraham congratulates them on finding each other, but sees no reason the group should wait to head to Washington in the morning. Tara agrees to go with them, but Eugene tells them Abraham is wrong. He tells Abraham that they’re only halfway and even with an armored truck they lost eight people. He doesn’t like the odds of success in a minivan, so he suggests finishing the trip to Terminus. Rosita agrees because it’s possible that they’ll have more supplies and increase their chances of success. Sasha and Bob agree to go with them, but only after seeing Terminus first. Abraham respects Eugene enough to accept that he was wrong, and agrees to go to Terminus first.

While they sit alone, Maggie explains the trouble that they had in the tunnel and how she was inspired by Glenn to shoot out the ceiling. When he unfolds his blanket, Glenn drops the picture of Maggie. She goes to burn it but he stops her. She tells him that he doesn’t need the picture because they’re together and they’re not going to separate again, so he burns it.

Darryl wakes up and looks around, he sees blood all over the ground, and the other guys getting ready to move on. As they leave he sees Len’s body laying out on the ground with an arrow sticking out of his head. He starts to cover the body but changes his mind. He walks through a field with Joe, and they share a flask. Darryl comments on not being drunk at dawn since before everything fell apart. Joe explains that he doesn’t feel like things fell apart. He feels like things are the way they were supposed to be. The scavenging and hunting was the way of life long before everything “fell apart”. While they talk the group comes up on a sign for Terminus. Joe tells him that it’s a lie, that no one is going to welcome guys like them with open arms. Darryl asks if that was where the group was going, and Joe explains that they were in a house and someone killed one of their guys. They tracked the guy to the railroad tracks and that’s how they got the destination in mind. Only one of them, Tony, saw the guy, but that’s enough for Joe. The conversation comes to an end when Tony sees strawberries growing. Instead of staying quiet, Darryl calls “claimed” and grabs the plant. As they continue on, they walk over the candy bar wrapper that Carl and Michonne shared earlier.

Glenn’s group comes up to a town with a big building labeled Terminus. They slowly walk in and find lots of gardens and fences. They keep a few guns up but mostly just walk forward. They walk through the place, not seeing anyone until they get to a large area with a bunch of empty picnic tables and a lady cooking on a big grill. She introduces herself as Mary and welcomes them to Terminus.