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Carl and a random survivor open the prison gate to let Glenn, Maggie and Rick into the prison. They’re greeted by Hershel who hugs Maggie and pats Glenn on the shoulder. While the other survivors kill the Walkers who have pushed themselves against the fence Rick asks Carl if anything happened. When Carl tells him no he takes a weapon from Carol and starts to clear the fence. Hershel stands there and watches.

With his hands trembling and covered in blood Rick leans against a dirty blue vehicle, his face covered in blood. He's sitting alone against a broken down SUV. Everything is silent and he sits trembling, alone.

Carl, Michonne, and Rick sit around a campfire cooking something in a burned up can. When asked how hungry they are on a scale of one to ten, they both take the opportunity to give numbers higher than ten. After pouring some of the food into another container, Rick decides to go check on their snares. Carl asks if he can come, but doesn’t look up or start to move until Rick asks how else he would learn. Rick and Carl both smile while they put the fire out, and Rick tells Michonne to come too. Their camp has strings and cans hung up loosely around it and a couple of larger stones set in the center to make a quick longer-term fire ring.

While they walk to find their snares, Rick tells them that they’ll stay and rest for another day or two. Michonne agrees and points out that he still needs to heal up. They walk together relatively happily, discussing their plans and what they’ll say when they get to Terminus. Carl isn’t sure what to tell them about who they are. The conversation is interrupted when a Walker comes into their path. Even though it’s just one Walker, Carl and Rick both pull out their guns, and Michonne walks faster with her sword out.

They come up to their first snare and find a rabbit. Rick explains how it works to Carl, who quickly picks out that it was placed on a preexisting trail. As Rick finishes explaining how it all works, they hear someone screaming for help. Carl runs without giving the other two a second to consider it. He’s the first one to find the guy in the clearing completely surrounded. When Carl pulls his gun out, Rick grabs him and they hide, letting the guy get eaten. A couple of the Walkers notice them and start chasing. They find themselves back on the train tracks with a set of Walkers behind them, already pursuing, and with a smaller group in front of them, eating something. Without too much thought, Rick leads the charge into the smaller set.

Hershel pulls the curtain to Rick’s cell back and wakes him up. As he wakes up, his first question is if everything is okay. Hershel tells him that it’s fine, and he just needs some help. Beth comes into the cell and takes Judith, and Rick starts to put his gun belt on. Hershel tells him that he won’t need it and that it’ll just get in the way. He still wears it and walks out with Hershel.

Rick, Michonne, and Carl fight their way through the group of Walkers and move on just as the ones behind them catch up. They walk down the street looking for houses and food, and they come across a blue SUV. Michonne kills the lone Walker who is immobile on the ground.

Night comes and Carl is asleep inside the SUV. Rick and Michonne sit by a small fire talking about the rabbit that they had. Rick asks if she’s noticed that the only thing that they talk about is food, and tells her that he forgot what that was like. She agrees and hopes that they are able to forget again. He starts to talk about Terminus and puts the fire out. They hear a noise and look around but don’t see anything. They talk about what kind of people might be at Terminus and a man puts a gun beside Rick’s head. Joe’s group comes out of the woods and disarms them. Joe explains that he’s there because of the guy that Rick killed back in the house. While he’s talking, one of them notices Carl who has just woken up. Joe starts to count down, apparently it’s New Year's Eve, and when he gets to eight Darryl speaks up. He comes from behind the SUV still holding his crossbow and black bag of his stuff. He walks into the middle of the group and tells Joe to wait. Joe lets Darryl speak his mind, but calls him a liar when he calls them good people. Darryl offers himself up in Rick’s place, and Joe tells two of his group to teach Darryl not to lie. As they start to beat him, the guy who has been next to Carl rips him out of the SUV and holds a knife to his neck. Rick tells Joe that it was all him, hoping that they’ll stop but Joe explains the situation. He tells Rick that they’re going to beat Darryl to death, then they’ll “have” Michonne, then they’ll “have” Carl. And when they’re done with them, they’ll shoot Rick.

The guy who has been holding Carl throws him to the ground and pins him. Rick slams his head back against Joe’s face and Joe lets him go, but the gun goes off next to Rick’s ear and leaves him stunned for a second. He does turn and punch Joe in the face again, but it’s ineffective and Joe drops him with a backhand. Carl fights and squirms for a knife but he’s outmatched. Michonne makes her move but gets smacked down to the ground. Darryl continues getting beaten up against the SUV. Carl gets flipped onto his stomach and his head pushed down into the street. Rick gets back to his feet and straight into a bear hug from Joe. While Joe continues to talk, Rick opens his mouth wide and goes straight for Joe’s neck. He bites a chunk out of Joe, who goes down, blood spraying everywhere. This leaves the group stunned. Michonne takes the gun from the guy who had her down and shoots him in the neck. Darryl starts to fight back, while the guy who is on top of Carl puts the knife to Carl’s neck again and holds him in front of Michonne. Things come to an end when Darryl stomps the guys out and Rick takes Joe’s knife. Realizing that he has nothing left to do, the guy who had Carl lets him go and drops his knife. While he starts begging for mercy Rick pulls the knife from his abdomen up to his chest, then stabs him repeatedly. Carl watches his dad mutilate the man’s chest while Michonne holds him.

In the prison, Hershel explains that they have the ability to start a farm and domesticate some of the animals. Rick is slow to take up the project but Hershel pushes it on him and explains that it’s a way for him to pull Carl back from the guns and fighting. Hershel tells Rick to be done with the war and to step more into being a father.

Rick is sitting against the SUV with Michonne and Carl inside it. Darryl comes back with some water and wets a rag so Rick can clean his face. Rick tells him to save the water but Darryl tells him that even though Rick can’t see it, Carl will see his face, so he takes it. Darryl sits with Rick and tells him that he didn’t know what those guys were. Darryl explains that he and Beth got out together. Rick asks if she died, and Darryl tells him that she’s gone and looks him in the eyes. Darryl explains that he knew they weren’t good guys, but they did have a code and it was simple. Rick understands and adds that he was alone. Darryl doesn’t acknowledge that part. He explains that when they found the guy that they’d been looking for, he started to leave but then he saw who it was. Rick insists that it’s not on Darryl, that it’s not his fault. He tells him that just being there means everything and that Darryl is his brother. They sit there for a second appreciating their moment. Darryl tells Rick that what happened the previous night was something that anyone would have done. Rick argues and brings up his fight with Tyreese. He explains that it’s part of him and it’s been part of what’s kept Carl safe, which is all that matters. Carl has his head in Michonne’s lap listening quietly.

Michonne and Rick walk together with Carl and Darryl behind them. They talk about them being okay and find another Terminus sign. They decide that they’re close enough that they should start walking through the woods. They find the fences and start watching to see what is going on inside. They separate to see more and Rick asks Carl if he wants to stay together. However, Carl goes with Michonne instead. While they walk, Michonne asks why Carl didn’t stay. She brings her son up and explains that he died in a refugee camp. Michonne tells him that she was out on a run when the camp got over run. She found her boyfriend and friend, Terry, hiding in a bathroom. Michonne explains that she could have just ended it there, but she went insane and made it so that they couldn’t bite or scratch. She pushes on to explain more that she realized that they hid her from the other Walkers, and that she was just another monster, and that she had lost herself for a long time. After telling him that it was Andrea, Rick, and him who had brought her back, she tells him not to be afraid of his dad. Carl looks down and starts to cry. He explains that his father is proud of him because he’s a good man. He denies being a good man and cites the thoughts that he has as proof that he isn’t. Carl claims to be different from what his dad wanted and that he’s just another monster too. Michonne hugs him and Rick sees it.

Rick buries a bag of extra weapons, and then they climb over the fences. They walk into a building where there is a lady talking into a microphone repeating the message of community and sanctuary. There are more people in the room working on maps and none of them notice until Rick says hello.

One guy starts to talk and guesses that a guy named Albert is on watch. After asking if they are there to rob them, he introduces himself as Garret and welcomes the group to Terminus. The Garret is friendly and brings another guy forward, Alex, who is going to get them situated. The only catch being that he needs to see their weapons. Garret asks that they drop their weapons and waits. After some uneasy looks Rick gives the okay to disarm. Alex pats them down to check for more weapons and Garret clarifies that they’re not bad people, but they’re not stupid, and as long as everyone is respectful there won’t be any problems. Alex helps give everyone their weapons back, only Darryl picks his bow up first, and they are all led outside. They get credited for being smart when they meet Mary, who is cooking again. Michonne asks why they let people in while Rick takes some time to look around. Alex explains that bringing people in helps them survive, more people means that more work can be done, so they put up more signs and keep accepting people.

Rick notices Terminus members with various items from his friend and smacks a plate of food out of Alex’s hand. He reaches into Alex’s pocket and puts a gun to his head. Darryl, Carl, and Michonne all pull their weapons but they’re in the middle of the area. Rick holds Glenn’s watch and asks where it came from.

Patrick plays with some Legos making a car while Rick comes back to the cell block. He talks to Patrick who thanks him for grabbing them. Rick tells him that they were for Carl but seems just as happy to see Patrick using them. He goes to Carl next and finds him cleaning his gun. Rick says hello but Carl stays focused on what he’s doing. Before trying again, Rick looks over to Beth who’s holding Judith. This time he gets Carl’s attention and asks him for help. When Carl reaches for his holster, Rick tells him to leave the gun because it’ll just get in the way.

Rick asks where Alex got the watch again. Alex tells him that he can get answers if they put their weapons down. Rick points out that there is a sniper on the roof and asks Alex how much he trusts him. Alex gets the sniper to put the rifle down. Rick asks about the watch again, but also some riot gear, and a poncho. Garret comes up behind Rick and gives innocent answers to where they got the items. He acknowledges that Rick doesn’t trust them anymore. Alex tries to talk to Garret but Garret keeps telling him to shut up. Rick recognizes it when Garret gives someone a signal behind him and he turns quickly, putting Alex in the path of a bullet. Gunfire rains down from the rooftops and Rick’s group runs away. They run through some alleyways and find a fenced area with a bunch of human skeletons strewn all over the floor. While they continue running they also run past a couple train cars and hear people banging and screaming for help.

The group end up in a large room filled with candles. There are names written all over the floor and signs about not trusting anyone anymore on the wall. Rick and Michonne realize that all the gunfire was aimed at their feet and that they were being steered in that direction. They try to get out of the room but someone shuts a door from the outside.

They do end up outside in a wide open area. Ahead of them there is a fence with a group of people aiming guns at them. Behind them there are gunmen on the roofs. They hear Garret yelling to them to drop their weapons. They’re slow about it, but they comply. Garret sends them one by one to a train car. He calls Rick “ringleader” and warns him that if he doesn’t comply they’ll kill Carl and Rick and do what they want anyway. After Rick starts walking he calls Darryl “Archer” and sends him to follow. Darryl follows, and Michonne, “Samurai” is next. Before opening the door, Rick sees paper bowls and cartons of powdered milk on the ground. Rick’s group slowly gets filed into the train car and the door is shut behind them.

Once inside Rick turns and finds that there are other people in the car. First they see Glenn, then Maggie. Bob and Sasha come up next and the entire scientist group is there as well. Maggie tells Rick that they’re all friends. Darryl accepts it and clearly puts out that that makes them all friends. Abraham makes a comment about that not being a long time since they’re all going to die, but Rick says “No.”

Rick Carl, and Hershel work on starting the farm. They’re smiling and joke when Carl’s hat falls off. Hershel tells him that it can be like that all the time. Rick tells him that it’s like that right then, and that’s enough for him.

Rick looks angry in the train car. He tells Abraham that those people are “screwing with the wrong people”.