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Dance Moms

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 Season 1(Add Episode)
Episode # Air Date Title
1 1x01 13/Jul/2011 The Competition Begins
2 1x02 20/Jul/2011 Wildly Inappropriate
3 1x03 27/Jul/2011 Cheerleader Blues
4 1x04 03/Aug/2011 Stealing the Show
5 1x05 10/Aug/2011 When Stars Collide
6 1x06 17/Aug/2011 Dying to Dance
7 1x07 24/Aug/2011 She's a Fighter
8 1x08 31/Aug/2011 Love on the Dance Floor
9 1x09 07/Sep/2011 From Ballerinas to Showgirls
10 1x10 14/Sep/2011 Cathy Brings It On!
11 1x11 28/Sep/2011 It All Ends Here
12 1x12 05/Oct/2011 There's Only One Star

 Season 2(Add Episode)
Episode # Air Date Title
14 2x01 10/Jan/2012 Everyone's Replaceable
15 2x02 17/Jan/2012 Return of the Candy Apples
16 2x03 24/Jan/2012 Brooke's Turning Point
17 2x04 31/Jan/2012 No One Likes a Bully
18 2x05 07/Feb/2012 Brooke's Back (aka Burn, Pom Poms, Burn!)
19 2x06 14/Feb/2012 Jill on the Rampage (aka Wardrobe Malfunction)
20 2x07 21/Feb/2012 Bullets and Ballet (aka Flash Dance Moms)
21 2x08 28/Feb/2012 The Runaway Mom
22 2x09 06/Mar/2012 Topless Showgirls
23 2x10 13/Mar/2012 Miami Heat Wave
24 2x11 20/Mar/2012 Melissa Pleads the Fifth
25 2x12 27/Mar/2012 Waiting for Joffrey
26 2x13 03/Apr/2012 Abbygeddon
28 2x14 05/Jun/2012 The Battle Begins
29 2x15 12/Jun/2012 Night of the Living Dancers
30 2x16 19/Jun/2012 I Know What You Did Last Competition
31 2x17 26/Jun/2012 Maddie Has a Secret
33 2x18 10/Jul/2012 How Do You Like Them Apples?
34 2x19 17/Jul/2012 Worst Birthday Party Ever!
35 2x20 24/Jul/2012 Guess Who's Back?
36 2x21 07/Aug/2012 Break a Leg
37 2x22 14/Aug/2012 Revenge of the Candy Apples
38 2x23 21/Aug/2012 The Recital to End All Recitals
39 2x24 28/Aug/2012 New Girl in Town (aka One Danced Over the Cuckoo's Nest)
40 2x25 04/Sep/2012 Solo Fever
41 2x26 11/Sep/2012 Nationals 90210

 Season 3(Add Episode)
Episode # Air Date Title
45 3x01 01/Jan/2013 The Beginning Of The End
46 3x02 08/Jan/2013 Out With The Old, In With The New
47 3x03 15/Jan/2013 But I'm A National Champion!
48 3x04 22/Jan/2013 Liar Liar Dance Mom On Fire!
49 3x05 29/Jan/2013 Revenge of the Replacements
50 3x06 05/Feb/2013 Boys Are Cuties, Girls Have Cooties
51 3x07 12/Feb/2013 Rotten to the Core
52 3x08 19/Feb/2013 You've Been Unfriended
53 3x09 26/Feb/2013 Bye Bye Baby
54 3x10 05/Mar/2013 All's Fair in Love and War
55 3x11 12/Mar/2013 Camouflaged Maneuvers
56 3x12 19/Mar/2013 The Apple of Her Eye
57 3x13 26/Mar/2013 She's a Maniac
58 3x14 02/Apr/2013 Watch Your Back, Mack
59 3x15 09/Apr/2013 The Politics Of Dancing
60 3x16 16/Apr/2013 May I Have This Dance?
61 3x17 23/Apr/2013 The View from the Top
62 3x18 30/Apr/2013 Candy Apple Showdown
64 3x20 07/May/2013 Tell All, Part 1
65 3x21 14/May/2013 Tell All, Part 2
66 3x22 04/Jun/2013 Boy Crazy, Mom Crazy
67 3x23 11/Jun/2013 Two Girls, One Solo
68 3x24 18/Jun/2013 An Apple a Day Keeps Abby Away
69 3x25 25/Jun/2013 No Room for Rotten Apples
72 3x28 16/Jul/2013 Tap Versus Hip Hop
74 3x30 23/Jul/2013 Recital Rebellion
75 3x31 30/Jul/2013 Clash of the Dance Moms
76 3x32 06/Aug/2013 The Dancing Dead
77 3x33 13/Aug/2013 Gone, Abby Gone
78 3x34 20/Aug/2013 On-Again, Off-Again Abby
79 3x35 27/Aug/2013 Divas Las Vegas
80 3x36 03/Sep/2013 Do-Si-Do and Do-Si-Don't
81 3x37 10/Sep/2013 The Big, Not So, Easy

 Season 4(Add Episode)
Episode # Air Date Title
85 4x01 01/Jan/2014 Welcome Back...Now Don't Get Too Comfy
86 4x02 07/Jan/2014 Two Can Play This Game
88 4x03 14/Jan/2014 Abby Strikes Back
79 4x04 21/Jan/2014 Chloe vs. Kendall: Round 2
80 4x05 28/Jan/2014 No One Is Safe
81 4x06 04/Feb/2014 Clash of the Chloes
82 4x07 11/Feb/2014 Big Trouble in the Big Apple
83 4x08 18/Feb/2014 Wingman Down
84 4x09 25/Feb/2014 Nothing's Fair in Abbyville
85 4x10 04/Mar/2014 No Solo for You
86 4x11 11/Mar/2014 Blame it on the New Girl
87 4x12 18/Mar/2014 Sister Showdown
88 4x13 25/Mar/2014 Decisions Decisions
89 4x14 01/Apr/2014 Family Comes First
90 4x15 08/Apr/2014 Lights! Camera! Dance!
91 4x16 15/Apr/2014 Presenting My New Team
92 4x17 22/Apr/2014 Seeing Red
93 4x18 29/Apr/2014 Girl Talk
94 4x19 13/May/2014 The Battle of Maddie vs. Chloe
95 4x20 24/Jun/2014 Abby's Top Ten Dances
96 4x21 29/Jul/2014 Double the Moms, Double the Trouble
97 4x22 05/Aug/2014 Kiss or Get Off the Pot
98 4x23 12/Aug/2014 3 Soloists, One Star
99 4x24 19/Aug/2014 Abby-phobic
100 4x25 26/Aug/2014 100th Episode: Chloe Gets Revenge
101 4x26 02/Sep/2014 100th Episode: No More Crybabies
102 4x27 09/Sep/2014 The Understudies
103 4x28 16/Sep/2014 Another One Bites the Dust
104 4x29 23/Sep/2014 45 Second Solos
105 4x30 30/Sep/2014 Hollywood Here We Come, Part 1
106 4x31 07/Oct/2014 Hollywood Here We Come, Part 2
107 4x32 14/Oct/2014 Playing Favorites

 Season 5(Add Episode)
Episode # Air Date Title
108 5x01 06/Jan/2015 99 Problems But a Mom Ain't One
109 5x02 13/Jan/2015 Abby Got Served
110 5x03 20/Jan/2015 JoJo with a Bow Bow
111 5x04 27/Jan/2015 Bye Bye Pittsburgh
112 5x05 03/Feb/2015 Hello Hollywood, Goodbye Abby
113 5x06 10/Feb/2015 Nia Risks It All
114 5x07 17/Feb/2015 Wild Wild West Coast, Part 1
115 5x08 24/Feb/2015 Wild Wild West Coast, Part 2
116 5x09 03/Mar/2015 The Great Divide
117 5x10 10/Mar/2015 The New Maddie?
118 5x11 17/Mar/2015 Nia's Last Chance
119 5x12 24/Mar/2015 Abby's Trash, Cathy's Treasure
120 5x13 31/Mar/2015 Mackenzie's Time to Shine
121 5x14 07/Apr/2015 Hollywood, Round Two
122 5x15 14/Apr/2015 Maddie vs. Kalani
123 5x16 21/Apr/2015 Video Killed the ADLC Star
124 5x17 28/Apr/2015 Showdown in Pittsburgh, Part 1
125 5x18 05/May/2015 Showdown in Pittsburgh, Part 2
126 5x19 12/May/2015 Seeing Stars
127 5x20 19/May/2015 Dance Moms Down Under, Part 1
128 5x21 26/May/2015 Dance Moms Down Under, Part 2
129 5x22 09/Jun/2015 Live From LA, It's Kendall K
130 5x23 16/Jun/2015 Maddie vs. Mackenzie
131 5x24 23/Jun/2015 West Coast Strikes Back
132 5x25 30/Jun/2015 Abby vs. Kira
133 5x26 07/Jul/2015 Where in the World Is Abby Lee Miller?
134 5x27 14/Jul/2015 TBA
135 5x28 21/Jul/2015 TBA
136 5x29 28/Jul/2015 TBA

S01 - #112/Oct/2011Most Outrageous Moments7
S02 - #205/Jun/2012Abby's Most OMG Moments7
S02 - #303/Jul/2012Abby's Dance-a-Thon8
S02 - #418/Sep/2012Reunion, Part 18
S02 - #525/Sep/2012Reunion, Part 28
S03 - #622/Jul/2013So Far This Season8
S03 - #701/Jan/2013Smoke Before the Fire8
S03 - #807/May/2013The Mother of All SpecialsN/A
S03 - #902/Jul/2013Dance Moms Chatter: Part 1N/A
S03 - #1009/Jul/2013Dance Moms Chatter: Part 2N/A
S03 - #1117/Sep/2013Dance Moms Reunion: Hurricane Abby8
S03 - #1210/Dec/2013'Twas the Fight Before Christmas8
S04 - #1307/Jan/2014Welcome Back...Now Don't Get Too Comfy (Choreographer's Cut)N/A
S04 - #1414/Jan/2014Two Can Play This Game (Choreographer's Cut)N/A
S04 - #1521/Jan/2014Abby Strikes Back (Choreographer's Cut)N/A
S04 - #1628/Jan/2014Chloe vs. Kendall: Round 2 (Choreographer's Cut)N/A
S04 - #1704/Feb/2014No One Is Safe (Choreographer's Cut)N/A
S04 - #1811/Feb/2014Clash of the Chloes (Choreographer's Cut)N/A
S04 - #1918/Feb/2014Big Trouble in the Big Apple (Choreographer's Cut)N/A
S04 - #2025/Feb/2014Wingman Down (Choreographer's Cut)N/A
S04 - #2104/Mar/2014Nothing's Fair in Abbyville (Choreographer's Cut)N/A
S04 - #2211/Mar/2014No Solo for You (Choreographer's Cut)N/A
S04 - #2318/Mar/2014Blame It on the New Girl (Choreographer's Cut)N/A
S04 - #2425/Mar/2014Sister Showdown (Choreographer's Cut)N/A
S04 - #2501/Apr/2014Decisions Decisions (Choreographer's Cut)N/A
S04 - #2608/Apr/2014Family Comes First (Choreographer's Cut)N/A
S04 - #2715/Apr/2014Lights! Camera! Dance! (Choreographer's Cut)N/A
S04 - #2822/Apr/2014Presenting My New Team (Choreographer's Cut)N/A
S04 - #2929/Apr/2014Girl Talk: No MOMS AllowedN/A
S04 - #3005/Aug/2014Double the Moms, Double the Trouble (Choreographer's Cut)N/A
S04 - #3112/Aug/2014Kiss or Get Off the Pot (Choreographer's Cut)N/A
S04 - #3219/Aug/20143 Soloists, One Star (Choreographer's Cut)N/A
S04 - #3326/Aug/2014Abby-phobic (Choreographer's Cut)N/A
S04 - #3402/Sep/2014Chloe Gets Revenge (Choreographer's Cut)N/A
S04 - #3509/Sep/2014No More Crybabies (Choreographer's Cut)N/A
S04 - #3601/Jan/2014Guess Who's Coming to the Dance?8
S05 - #37UnairedDance & Chat: Dance Moms Down Under, Part 2N/A
S05 - #3806/Jan/2015Girl Talk 2N/A
S05 - #3913/Jan/2015Choreographer's Cut: 99 Problems, But a Mom Ain't OneN/A
S05 - #4020/Jan/2015Choreographer's Cut: Abby Got ServedN/A
S05 - #4127/Jan/2015Choreographer's Cut: JoJo With a Bow BowN/A
S05 - #4203/Feb/2015Choreographer's Cut: Bye Bye PittsburghN/A
S05 - #4310/Feb/2015Choreographer's Cut: Hello Hollywood, Goodbye AbbyN/A
S05 - #4417/Feb/2015Choreographer's Cut: Nia Risks It AllN/A
S05 - #4524/Feb/2015Choreographer's Cut: Wild Wild West Coast, Part 1N/A
S05 - #4603/Mar/2015Choreographer's Cut: Wild Wild West Coast, Part 2N/A
S05 - #4710/Mar/2015Choreographer's Cut: The Great DivideN/A
S05 - #4817/Mar/2015Choreographer's Cut: The New Maddie?N/A
S05 - #4924/Mar/2015Choreographer's Cut: Nia's Last ChanceN/A
S05 - #5031/Mar/2015Dance & Chat: Abby's Trash, Cathy's TreasureN/A
S05 - #5107/Apr/2015Dance & Chat: Mackenzie's Time to ShineN/A
S05 - #5214/Apr/2015Choreographer's Cut: Hollywood, Round TwoN/A
S05 - #5321/Apr/2015Dance & Chat: Maddie vs. KalaniN/A
S05 - #5428/Apr/2015Dance & Chat: Video Killed the ADLC StarN/A
S05 - #5505/May/2015Dance & Chat: Showdown in Pittsburgh, Part 1N/A
S05 - #5612/May/2015Dance & Chat: Showdown in Pittsburgh, Part 2N/A
S05 - #5719/May/2015Dance & Chat: Seeing StarsN/A
S05 - #5826/May/2015Dance & Chat: Dance Moms Down Under, Part 1N/A
S05 - #5916/Jun/2015Dance & Chat: Live From LA, It's Kendall KN/A
S05 - #6023/Jun/2015Dance & Chat: Maddie vs. MackenzieN/A
S05 - #6130/Jun/2015Choreographer's Cut: West Coast Strikes BackN/A
S05 - #6207/Jul/2015Choreographer's Cut: Abby vs. KiraN/A

    Season 5 »
Classification: Reality
Genre: Dance | Family | Music | Talent
Status: Returning Series
Network: Lifetime ( USA)
Airs: Tuesdays at 09:00 pm
Runtime: 60 Minutes
Premiere: July 13, 2011
Episode Order: 38
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