The Awesomes

The Awesomes

Seth Meyers, SNL's Mike Shoemaker, and Lorne Michaels' production company, Broadway Video, The Awesomes come together to create this animated half-hour superhero series. Prock (Seth Meyers) is the low-powered superhero son of Mr. Awesome, the world's greatest superhero.

When Mr. Awesome retires and his team disbands, Prock tries to carry on the family legacy and make sure that the greatest superhero team, The Awesomes, remains funded by the government. To do so, he must gather heroes that the original Awesomes rejected: Frantic (crazy), Impresario (mother issues), Sumo (anger-management problems), Gadget Gal (a hero from the 40s given a new life but old attitudes), Muscleman (not very smart), and Hotwire (possibly a traitor). Together they must rise above their issues and become the superheroes that destiny intended... while thwarting the evil schemes of the mind-controlling Dr. Malocchio.

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Prev: 3x10 -- The Final Showdown (Nov/03/2015)

Prock tries to put together the perfect plan to stop his father, who has been elected President and plans to sell humanity into alien slavery.

Available Episodes

The Final Showdown
Nov 03, 2015
Season 3 episode 10

Super(hero) Tuesday
Oct 27, 2015
Season 3 episode 9

The GayFather
Oct 20, 2015
Season 3 episode 8

The Awesomes Reloade..
Oct 13, 2015
Season 3 episode 7

The Dames of Danger
Oct 06, 2015
Season 3 episode 6

Indiana Johnson and ..
Sep 29, 2015
Season 3 episode 5

Awesomes for Hire
Sep 22, 2015
Season 3 episode 4

Ike BarinholtzIke Barinholtz
voiced Muscleman
Rashida JonesRashida Jones
voiced Hotwire
Taran KillamTaran Killam
voiced Frantic
Bobby LeeBobby Lee
voiced Tim / Sumo
Josh MeyersJosh Meyers
voiced Perfect Man
Seth MeyersSeth Meyers
voiced Prock
Paula PellPaula Pell
voiced Gadget Gal
Emily SpiveyEmily Spivey
voiced Concierge
Kenan ThompsonKenan Thompson
voiced Impresario
Rachel DratchRachel Dratch
voiced Joyce Mandrake



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3x10: The Final Showdown recap: Concierge explains that Hotwire broke into Awesome Mountain and obtained some info. She tells the team and Malocchio that Awesome had two sons: Prock and Perfect Man. Prock is furious that Awesome denied him an older brother to grow up with, and Jill tells her son that it isn't about him. Awesome needed to be the greatest superhero so he kept his love child secret. Tim points out that Perfect Man never knew his father, and Prock figures his father was always a villain. Lady Malocchio points out that nobody is just one thing, and they're neither entirely heroes nor villains. She insists that the one thing that is sure is that Prock is the leader, and they look to him for guidance... read more.

3x9: Super(hero) Tuesday recap: Malocchio tells the Awesomes that Mr. Awesome is evil, and then goes to his daughter Hotwire. They hug and he explains that he's not evil anymore, but the team attacks him. Malocchio admits that their reaction is fair given how many times that he's acted in the past. He points out to Hotwire that if he was evil, he'd be using his mind control. Prock stops time and figures that he can impress his father by capturing Malocchio. He unfreezes time, the Awesomes jump Malocchio, and Hotwire secretly blows out the lights. When Hotwire turns them back on, the team discovers that Malocchio has escaped... read more.

3x8: The GayFather recap: Malocchio catches a Greystar bus back to Earth and tries to sleep. A newscast comes on about the Presidential race on Earth, and how Mr. Awesome has recently made a series of highly public goofs... read more.

3x7: The Awesomes Reloaded recap: The Awesomes are called in to investigate a haunted dumpster and discover that there's a raccoon inside. The man pays and the Awesomes leave in their van marked "The Ooesomes": Mr. Awesome threatened to sue if they used his team's name. Prock defends his father, and when they stop for gas Hotwire apologizes for her teammates being hard on Awesome. Comforted, Prock wonders if Hotwire should be an active superhero when she's pregnant, and Hotwire insists that she isn't going to be sidelined for nine months. Prock notices a family nearby and thinks it would be nice to give up being a superhero and have a family of their own. Hotwire points out that being a superhero is all the two of them ever wanted to do. He figures that their families are screwed up because of superpowers, but Hotwire insists that they turned out okay... read more.

3x6: The Dames of Danger recap: Muscleman and Tim find Impresario making dresses for Gadget Gal and Concierge. Frantic comes in to explain that they're going to Chic Magazine's Woman of the Year Award. The two women remind him that it's women only, and Prock tells them that his mother is giving the keynote speech... read more.
Recurring Guests

Bobby Moynihan as Ricky Finn (26 eps)
Cecily Strong as Sexy Voice (13 eps)
Steve Higgins as Mr. Awesome (10 eps)
Will Forte as Malocchio Jr. (9 eps)
Maya Rudolph as Lady Malocchio (9 eps)
Amy Poehler as Jaclyn Stone (9 eps)
David Herman (1) as Miscellaneous Male Voices (7 eps)
Charlie Adler as Miscellaneous Male Voices (7 eps)
Colin Quinn as Elliot (7 eps)
John Lutz as Miscellaneous Male Voices (7 eps)

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Classification: Animation
Genre: Animation General | Comedy | Super Heroes
Status: TBD/On The Bubble
Network: hulu ( USA)
Airs: Mondays at 06:00 am
Runtime: 30 Minutes
Premiere: August 01, 2013
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