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The Lifetime Channel was created in 1984 as a result of two other stations, Daytime and Cable Health Network merging. Now owned by Disney, the programming is geared towards women and typically show them in a strong light. Some of their most popular original shows include Strong Medicine, Intimate Portrait, Blood Ties, and Army Wives. They have also delved into the world of game shows with such series as Supermarket Sweep, Shop 'Til You Drop. In addition to dramas and sitcoms, Lifetime also features in house, created movies with women not only as the subject of the project, but behind the scenes too such as writing, directing and producing. Lifetime has seen is share of controversy too by critics who feel their movies tend to show women as victims of violence such as rape and domestic abuse. In recent years Lifetime has seen competition from other female oriented channels, such as the Oxygen Network and WE.
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